How to Check SSI and SSDI Status and Tips for Approval

Check the details about the SSI, SSDI Application Status 2024: How to Check SSI and SSDI Status and Tips for Approval here. To know the SSI and SSDI Application Status, the beneficiaries must know their social security number. This can be found in the main porta of the IRS. The new users have to apply for the number that is of utmost importance. In this article, we will brief you on the same.

SSI, SSDI Application Status 2024

With the new fiscal year approaching, the application for the benefits will be modified. Many candidates will be applying for the SSI and SSDI benefits for the first time. The application for these freshers will be released in March. The application procedure will be carried out for around 30 to 40 days.

The candidates applying for the benefits can expect the amounts from April 2024. With the changes in the benefit plans, there are expectations that the legibility of the benefits might also change. The authorities will release the new or previous forms with the updated version. Scroll the article to learn more about the SSI, SSDI Application Status 2024.

Changes In SSI, SSDI Benefits

Many modifications are considered for the new fiscal year. The authorities of SSA have proceeded with the request for modifications in the benefits, in legislation. If the council approves the changes, additional benefits will be added under SSI and SSDI. This will be a significant change in the economy under the Biden government.

SSI, SSDI Application Status

The Social Security bills are the landmark initiative aimed at boosting the financial stability of three moderate households. The bill seeks to change the livelihood of millions of Americans. Many new benefits will be provided to citizens with the implementation of the changes in the 2024 budget. The $5200 benefit is one such example of the new benefits added to the SSI. The previous benefit amounts will also impact the changes. The paychecks will be increased based on the budget for this year.

Forms For SSI, SSDI Benefits

There are many forms of SSI and SSDI benefits. The candidates applying for these benefits for the first time should check the details about the form and the policy before applying for it.

The forms under the SSI and SSDI benefits are listed below:



SSA 16

Application for the social security disability

SSA 3368

Adult Disability Report

SSA 3373

function report for the adults

SSA 4814

medical reports on adults with HIV and AIDS allegations

SSA 3820

Disability Report

SSA 3375, 3376, 3377, 3378 or 3379

Child Function report

SSA 8010

Statement of Income and resources

SSA 5665

Teacher’s Questionaries

SSA 827

Authorisation to disclose personal details with the agency

SSA 1696

Appointment of the representative

SSA 8000

Application for the Supplementary Security Income

SSA 3369

Application for the work history report

SSA 821

Work Activity Report


Medical source statement to do work-related activities (physical).


Medical source statement to do work-related activities (mental).


Medical officer’s statement of patient capability to manage the benefit


Registration for Appointment Representative Services.

How To Check SSI And SSDI Status?

The candidates can check the status of their applications through their unique social security numbers. The number will be provided to the applicant during the registration process.

The status can be checked through the “My Account” tool or the official portal.

The authorities have also enrolled on the Whatsapp feature to check the latest updates regarding the benefits.

For the ease of the retirees and the seniors, the checking of the status through the phone call is also validated. The elderly can call the helpline number 1-800-772-1213.

Tips For Approval Of SSI, SSDI Application

Many applications are rejected by IRS authorities due to insufficient details or lack of identity documents. we have shared the tips for the approval of the application in this section

The candidates are advised to fill in the tax returns through the e-filling process. This procedure is easy to file and provides fewer errors. The authorities also prioritize the candidates with the e-filling status.

The applicants should be paying the social security taxes by the date of the disbursement. If there are any pending taxes to be paid, the chances of receiving the benefits will decline.

The applicants should provide all the related documents that verify them as the legal resident of the country. If immigrants are interested in applying for the benefits, they should provide proof of identity and documents from the country of origin.

The disabled candidates should provide all the medical history and the prescription of the doctors. The documents should be signed by the government institutes only.


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