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According to its news announced today at its live event, Spotify announced a set of new manufacturer tools and resources, including the expansion of the marquee, the launch of a tool called “Discovery Mode” in beta testing, the opening of the Canvas Loop of Visuals Is included. Plans to expand its Spotify for Artists platform to feature all artists, and to be available in 25 additional languages.

Launched in 2020, Marquee is a tool that allows artists and their teams to promote their new releases through sponsored recommendations to full and screen free and paid subscribers. Spotify says that users who see a marquee pop-up double to save the music.

Now, the marquee will be available to artists as a self-service buying experience, which allows their teams to book campaigns at any time, as easily as they update their artist profile.

This self-service facility will launch in the US, and will extend outside of North America, to the UK Ireland, Australia and New Zealand before rolling out more widely.

Spotify is also launching a beta of its audience development tool, Discovery Mode, a feature that lets artist teams select the music they want to prioritize for search, including Spotify’s recommendations. During pilot testing, the facility helped the label receive higher royalty payments through expanded search, the company claimed.

It would also require a zero upfront budget to start.

Finally, the canvas, artwork that features looping scenes as musical plays, will now also be available to all artists.

Set canvas

Image Credit: Spotify

With news of Spotify’s global expansion into 85 new markets, Spotify’s dashboard for artists will also expand to include support for 25 more languages.

“From providing new ways for artists to express themselves, to creating more possibilities to be discovered, to giving artists the ability to pitch their music for a playlist idea, we iterate based on artist feedback Continuing to make new artists surface for new fans, marketplace head Charlie Hellman said about expatriates. He said, “We try to make our tools more accessible by artists and labels of all sizes Doing, and we’ve just scratched the surface of what has to happen. “

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