Spotify announces a high-end subscription – ClearTips

Spotify announces a high-end subscription – TechCrunch

Spotify makes a bunch of announcements, Netflix introduces an intriguing new feature and the clubhouse faces security concerns. This is your daily crunch for February 22, 2021.

Big story: Spotify announces a high-end subscription

Spotify listeners will get a chance to pay for high-quality audio when the streaming service launches a new tier that says “CD-quality, lossless audio.” Pricing and launch date are yet to be announced, but Spotify HiFi will cost more than Spotify Premium, and will be marketed as a premium add-on.

This was perhaps the biggest news spotlighted at today’s “Stream On” event, where it has continued to expand internationally, an audio development marketplace, an audience development tool for artists, co-podcasted by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Hosted and paid paid podcast subscription trial.

Tech giants

Netflix launched ‘Downloads for You’, a new feature that automatically downloads the content you like – the first time you turn on the feature, you can choose how much storage space you have for these recommended downloads Will get .

Twitter traced buying India’s sharechat and turning Moj into a global Tiktok rival – according to sources, Twitter offered to buy the five-year-old Indian startup for $ 1.1 billion.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

EquityBee raises $ 20M to help startup employees that actually carry their stock options – EquityBee CEO Oren Barzillai says his company’s mission is to help educate startup employees on the meaning of their stock options Is, as well as providing them with the money to be able to buy those options. .

Splice gets $ 55M for its software bringing beats from the bedroom to the bandstand – Spice gained a following for its ability to help electronic dance music creators save, share, collaborate and remix music.

A race for a reverse-engineered clubhouse raises safety concerns – the fact that it takes little effort to reverse-engineer the programmer and the clubhouse is sounding an alarm about the safety of the app.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

If the coinbase is $ 100B, what is the appropriate valuation for Stripe? – We dig into Coinbase’s 2019 and 2020 financial performance.

Bain’s Matt Harris and JustWorks ‘Issac Oates to talk through the Series B deal that brought them together – all the way back in 2016, Bain Capital Ventures captured a large part of JustWorks’ potential for success.

Winning enterprise sales teams know how to persuade the chief objection officer – many enterprise software startups have faced an invisible wall at some point.

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Everything else

Watch the rigorous descent of persistence to the surface of Mars – NASA has released a video taken by the Perseverance Landing module and the rover showed the famous “Seven Minutes of Terror”.

Calling Oslo VC: featured in The Great ClearTips Survey of European VC – ClearTips is based on a large project to survey Europe’s venture capital investors and their cities.

Original Content Podcast: Apple’s ‘Ted Lasso’ is about tireless optimism – this will be our last episode on ClearTips, as the original content is independent!

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