Spirit Halloween Will Keep All 1,400 Stores Open Despite Health Concerns

Spirit Halloween Will Keep All 1,400 Stores Open Despite Health Concerns

Spirit Halloween has revealed that all of their 1,400 stores will reopen. Halloween is still months away, but there are those who take the annual event very seriously, meaning that it is necessary to plan ahead. Current world events have raised questions about whether Halloween will be able to take place this year as well. As it stands now, business has already begun to close again in some cities, which have seen spikes in the last few weeks. Spirit Halloween assured to help keep people positive. This is what he said on social media.

Spirit Halloween has not yet revealed its security protocol, but one could imagine that it would involve social disturbances and masks, as well as limiting the amount of people visiting the stores. Masks and more than likely will not be tried to be available on other items, although there is pure speculation at this point. For now, it’s too early to tell, but do people really want to try masks in a store?

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With the soul on a crusade to save Halloween 2020, it brings all kinds of questions as to what this year will look like when October rolls around. People don’t like wearing masks already, so do they want to know where the monster mask is? Would Halloween be the perfect social gathering because everyone would have to wear a mask to get started? Will children be able to get candy from door to door?

Christopher Nolan is trying to save the film business with a release this summer theory. However, the release date has already been pushed back more than once and we are now looking at an August release. Many are wondering if the August date is realistic even with more cases accumulating in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and more. August is very close to October, so we should have a pretty good idea if Spirit Halloween will be able to save the day.

Even if Halloween 2020 is canceled, people can still support the soul by purchasing the costume for next year. Regardless, this year has seen its fair share of madness and canceled Halloween wouldn’t be surprising in the least. When mac and cheese is flowing through a tap and people are swimming in a dumpstar, anything can happen. So, let’s hope Spirit Halloween is able to accomplish its goal, or at the very least bring some much-needed smiles to some faces. You can check the official announcement above, thanks to the Spirit Halloween Twitter account.

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