Spiral Music Video Has 21 Savage Caught in a Deadly Saw Trap

If you like old school movie theme songs from the 80s and 90s, Spiral: From the Book of Saw One of 21 saves. Title HoroscopeThe song and its music video are the # 15 trending topic on YouTube over the weekend. The composer in the short is 21 Savage caught in one of Ara’s deadly traps. Is this a copycat killer? Or too bad?

Horoscope The video is directed by Echo, and features familiar theme music saw Franchise. Opens with 21 savings Hanging upside down in a dirty bathroom pulled directly from James Van’s iconic original horror film. The music video is a mix of original moments featuring the musician and clips directly from the film featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock. During the clip, the infamous pig puppet that we have used in various Horoscope Promotions pop up to dance.

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During the music video, we see 21 Savage dancing with a chainsaw, who cuts a dead body, which is later chained to a ceiling. Before the clip ends, the iconic Billy puppet from the original saw The franchise makes its appearance, which is something we haven’t seen Horoscope Trailer, clip or tv spot. Horoscope The music video was officially filmed by Echo saw Survived in Las Vegas. It is good to see that it was put to use during the epidemic.

The soundtrack for Spiral: From the Book of Saw was produced by 21 Savage. Shia bin Abraham-Joseph is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer, who was born in London, and came to Atlanta at the age of seven to visit his mother. He became known for the 2015 mixtape Slaughter tape Following the EP with producer Metro Bomin in 2016, called Savage Mode before gaining nationwide attention, and guest features on its popular singles “X” and “No Heart”, as well as the 2016 Drake single. Go secretly And 2017 Post Malone Singles Rock Star. Musician’s first album dropped in 2017 Issa album, Which peaked at No. 2 on the US Billboard charts. 21 Savage won Best Rap Song Award for his song very At the 2020 Grammy Awards. His 2020 album Savage Mode II Debut on the first number.

More depth cuts than ever, Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum rapper 21 Savage Unleashed HoroscopeProduced by Kid Hazel of Slong Gang as the first single Spiral: From Book to Book Original Soundtrack. It is now available through Sloter Gang / Epic Records. The much-anticipated suspense thriller from saw Universe and the first blockbuster release of the season, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, Opens on Friday 14 May, and hits the soundtrack on the same day. It marks 21 Savage’s first new music as Gold Certified Seriously # 1 Opus Savage Mode II with Metro-Bomin.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw Chris Rock, Max Mingella, Marisol Nichols and Samuel L. Jackson. The Chris Rock executive produced the film with producers Oren Calls and Mark Berg. The film was directed by Darren Lynn Boosman. Following the trailer and the TV campaign, the film’s star and veteran comedian and actor Chris Rock personally broke the news of the single on Instagram. Savage’s music plays its own integral role Spiral: From the Book of Saw, Playing at the end title.

For the track, he used elements of the original saw Score by composer Charlie Kluser [Nine Inch Nails]. He combed the Unhealthy Sample Library to capture Menhere Energy Horoscope. Production already hinges on the melody of “Hello Zepp” saw

On the track, 21 Savage jumps with a jagged mesh with a quick-to-infectious hook before muttering, “I’m gonna spin them like a spiral. I couldn’t find an opponent. I didn’t love him.” The news, he went viral. Shot in the official saw The escape experience in Las Vegas, NV, the film’s music video intercap footage, shots of the rapper as well as hanging in reverse in the iconic bathroom from the original Saw and rapping in front of a huge red spiral. Stay tuned for more than 21 Savage soon.

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