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Asynchronous chat apps like Slack have tried their best to kill email, but maybe the key to chatting instead of email is only visible via email chat? Spike’s idea, a productivity startup that has created an email app that organizes email into a chat bubble with an interface that encourages users to keep it short and simple.

Spike’s software began with re-skinning the email experience as a whole, but today they are also introducing support for collaborative notes and tasks in their interface as they provide a harmonized solution for productivity. The company is fitting a lot more functionality into one window, but they hope that arranging these apps together can help users spend less time and get stuff for more time through different windows is.

“Email is a repository of your works, so why should it be distinguished from your other works?” CEO Davir asks Ben-Aroya.

The new functionality widens the software’s ambitions, but also reflexes the app in terms of more complete business use. Ben-Aroa acknowledges that the company has not made demonetisation very difficult in the past, instead looking to scale its base of free users in an effort to eventually scale inside organizations. As the app looks to bring small businesses and large enterprises onboard, the app is maintaining its free tier, but allows users to get past limits on message history and note / task creation with a $ 7.99 per user plan per month ($ 5.99 per month when billed annually).

Along with its product news, the startup also shared today that it has raised $ 8 million in a series A led by Insight Partners . Wix, NFX and Koa Labs also participated in the round. The company plans to use the cash to aggressively hire and double its team this year.

“[W]Look at a large addressable market for centralized communication centers to connect e-mail message channels, ”Insight Partners VP Daniel Aronowitz said in a statement. “The current climate behind remote teamwork and the associated macro-tailwinds have only strengthened our belief that there is a large and growing demand for digital collaboration tools.”

The company’s platform is compatible with most email services and the app is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

Email startups are often private to some of the user’s most sensitive data and can receive a lot of inquiries about privacy. As a result, Ben-Aroya believes that his company is far ahead of competitors in terms of security. “Unlike many other available email customers, we never touch, manipulate, use, reuse or sell any piece of user data,” he says.

Spike has raised $ 16 million in funding so far.

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