Spike Lee’s children named 2021 Golden Globes ambassadors

Hollywood filmmaker Spike Lee’s daughter and son, Satchell and Jackson Lee, will serve as ambassadors for the 2021 Golden Globes ceremony.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker shared 26-year-old and 23-year-old Jackson with his wife, producer Tony Lewis Lee. The pair were married in 1993.

They are the first siblings of color to be named Globe ambassadors. Jackson is the first black male ambassador.

According to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which organizes the awards ceremony each year, the ambassadors will assist with duties during the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony and work to raise awareness of philanthropic causes of their choosing.

Satchell has selected the Callen-Lord Community Health Center, which provides targeted healthcare and related services to the LGBTQ community in New York.

“This year has only illuminated the way black and brown people and LGBTQ + communities have been affected by the conditions that already exist, so it is an honor for me that the heroes working on Colon-Lord Be able to shine the spotlight on doctors and nurses to take care of some of New York City’s most vulnerable people, ”he said.

Jackson has chosen America’s mentoring network Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“As a mentor to my father inspired me to choose Big Brothers Big Sisters, a charity built on the basis that builds positive, interrelated relationships can have a profound impact on young lives, “Jackson said.

Both organizations – Calan-Lord Community Health Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters – will receive grants from HFPA for USD 25,000, totaling USD 50,000 donated on behalf of Lease.

HFPA President Ali Sir said the organization is proud to welcome Sutchell and Jackson as Golden Globe ambassadors.

Akin is known for his respected filmmaker father who is known for his frank and provocative storytelling, Sutchell and Jackson have already begun to show their way into art.

“We are honored to see how they will use this platform to raise important issues of LGBTIA + health and youth mentoring,” he said.

The annual Golden Globe ceremony, to be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, will be held on February 28.

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