Space Jam 2 Comes Under Fire for Leaving Character Designer Uncredited

Space Jam: A New Legacy It was mired in many controversies during its production, and now the film has once again landed in controversies after its release. Dave Alvarez, an artist and animator who served as a character designer on the sequel, sat down with his family as the film came out. Their children were particularly excited to see the movie “Dad Help Make Me”, but as Alvarez told his followers on Twitter, they were disappointed to see that he was left without credits. Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Over the years, Alvarez has worked on several Looney Tunes Projects for Warner Bros. He has been credited as a character designer for the reboot series. looney tunes cartoon Including other small screen credits on HBO Max The Looney Tunes Show More on Cartoon Network Wabit!/New Looney Tunes on boomerang. As Alvarez laments in his social media post, however, his biggest dream was to see his name on the big screen, and he feels that Space Jam: A New Legacy The team robbed him.

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“I just want to put it there… Last night my family and I sat down to watch space Jam. My kids were excited to see the movie ‘Daddy Helps’ only to find out that… my name was omitted from the end credits. At first I thought maybe I missed it but… no… we checked 3 times and I’m not there. I am feeling devastated. I worked hard in the summer of 2019 helping the crew with a lot of the designs that were actually used in the final product. When I started my career, one of my goals was to see my name on the big screen… and that moment took away from me and it will never come back. I’m in a lot of pain right now. My kids were disappointed and I still am.”

In the days before the film’s release, Alvarez shared his excitement on Twitter. Earlier this month, he posted a picture of space Jam He worked on the tie-in comic book. He also noted, “I made the comic, (a part of it), and worked on the actual film as well. So you’ll get a double dose from lil’ ol’ me this summer.”

on the day of Space Jam: A New LegacyBefore he had a chance to see the film himself, Alvarez shared another post on Twitter. Including some artwork of Bugs Bunny spinning a basketball on his finger, Alvarez wrote, “Hey Docs! Hope you enjoy our little movie today!”

Many fans understand Dave’s frustration and are offering support on Twitter with hashtags like #CreditDave and #CreditDaveAlvarez. His post about exiting space jam 2 The credits have also gone viral. As of yet, Warner Bros. has not directly responded to the controversy and it is unclear whether any steps will be taken by Alvarez to set things right.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Now in theaters and playing on HBO Max. His name may not be in the credits, but keep in mind that Dave Alvarez worked on the sequel. This story stems straight from Dave Alvarez on Twitter.

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