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After an estimated 8 million downloads since launch, the clubhouse’s popularity continues worldwide and even outside of its core tech-focused seed community.

The latest news comes from East Asia, where Korean media reported this morning that the country’s current Prime Minister Chung Si-kuen officially joined the social audio app under the username @gyunvely, making it the most senior worldwide Political leaders joined. Stuttering app. His account was created on Valentine’s Day (14 February) and “enrolled” by a user using TJ Park (the clubhouse does not have a verified profile).

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Seo-kyun at the clubhouse this weekend. Screenshot by Danny Crickton.

So far, the Prime Minister has picked up less than 500 followers and is following fewer than 200 accounts, perhaps indicating the app’s current reach in one of the world’s most mobile and connected digital economies. His clubhouse bio reads “노란 잠바 아저씨 or” or “That’s Yellow Jacket Guy,” a reference to Korean civilian security uniforms worn by politicians in times of crisis (such as the COVID-19 epidemic) and which Currently serves – form in cartoon – as Chung’s profile picture.

South Korean politicians often wear yellow civilian security uniforms in times of national crisis. Photo by South Korean President Blue House via Getty Image

According to local media reports, Chung spoke for more than an hour with Jung Cheong-rye, a member of the Korea Democratic Party of Korea, in a clubhouse room. In a public Facebook post yesterday, the Prime Minister said “I heard this [app] These days it is ‘hot’ so I tried it as a night walk. “

He added “I was a little shocked by the unexpected questions and responses but the new experience was enjoyable. I think I will participate from time to time in the future. Elaborately he said, “The fact that it is audio only and everyone can communicate without reservation, I think it is a better communication tool than any other social media platform, especially since we Living in a non-facial age. – Face communication

Discussions in the clubhouse room included the question of whether it was really up to him, over issues of bread-and-butter policy such as the high price of real estate in the sporting world and physical exploitation, which in local media in recent weeks Has been in the headlines.

While the clubhouse has become a matter of stability for technologists and every form of hustle culture imaginable, the app has increasingly entered politics that are hardly unknown to other social networks.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has gone to the clubhouse to sell his city’s potential to the tech industry. San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin joins a “debate” on the stage about the future of SF, while the mayor of NYC surrounds the mayor and UBI Andrew joined a discussion about Yang … Myself. Meanwhile, Bitcoin aficionado and itinerant Tesla leader Elon Musk have even proposed to bring Vladimir Putin to the clubhouse for a live fireside chat.

Nevertheless, as the platform expands globally, challenges to its open and free-wheeling if somewhat negotiated are coming under closer scrutiny. China has now closed the clubhouse within its limits after some time without any negotiation.

As the clubhouse continues the legitimacy and interest of the mainstream, the future of the success of the app continues to be questioned, such as how it will fund creators and will continue even after the COVID-19 opens to the world.

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