What is the Last Date to File Taxes in South Africa?

If you are a working South African national then you must be aware of South Africa Tax Deadline 2024: What is the Last Date to File Taxes in South Africa?, so please keep reading to know more.

South Africa Tax Deadline 2024

The deadline for filing taxes in South Africa is the day on which taxpayers must finish and send their returns to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). An individual’s tax year begins on March 1 and ends on February 28 or 29, of the following year.

You must register as a provisional taxpayer and pay your taxes in accordance with your income source if it is not salary. A responsible person must stay on top of their South African taxes and make sure they know what has to be filed when in order to avoid fines.

You must consider reading this post to get complete details on South Africa Tax Deadline 2024, and thereby file your taxes on time and accurately.

South Africa Income Tax

With specific exemptions and permissible deductions, South African income tax is imposed on the global income of its citizens, with suitable relief provided to prevent double taxation for some foreigners. Over R1.25 million in annual income from overseas work has been subject to taxation in South Africa for tax residents since March 2020.

South Africa Tax Deadline

Income tax is collected in South Africa by the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Public goods like healthcare are partially funded by this money. Generally speaking, however, taxpayers use the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) method to pay their taxes. This method has taxes deducted from your paycheck each month, which are then reconciled at the conclusion of the tax year.

South Africa Tax Deadline Overview

Post Title South Africa Tax Deadline 2024
Country South Africa
Tax Paid to South African Revenue Service (SARS)
Tax Deadline February 29, 2024.
Tax Form Name Form ITR12
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What is the Last Date to File Taxes in South Africa?

Those with taxable income over the tax threshold or those who get ZAR 30,000 or more in income each year from sources other than compensation are regarded as provisional taxpayers. They must submit provisional tax payments every year on August 31st (first payment), February 28th (second payment), and September 30th (third payment).

Because of this, Provisional taxpayers have until July 7, 2023, to file their yearly tax returns and pay taxes on any income received between March 1, 2022, and February 28, 2023. Annual income tax returns for non-provisional taxpayers are due between July 7, 2023, and October 23, 2023.

By August 31, 2023, when half of the expected tax for the entire year was due, provisional taxpayers would have already filed their first provisional tax payment for the 2023–2024 tax year. To pay the remaining amount of the projected tax for the entire year, the second tax payment is required by February 29, 2024.

An person (resident or non-resident) is exempt from filing a tax return (subject to certain criteria) if their total income for a tax year is less than ZAR 500,000.

How to File Taxes in South Africa?

You must still file an annual South African income tax return even if your employer deducts your SARS income tax contributions from your pay if you work in the country.

Form ITR12 is the name of the South African individual income tax return. You will need your bank statements, your tax number, your employee tax certificate (IRP5/IT3a), details on all kinds of income and allowances/deductions you are reporting on the form.

In order to file taxes in South Africa, you need to register and obtain a SARS income tax number. If your company doesn’t handle this, learn how to sign up for South African social security.

Upon obtaining your SARS income tax number, you can either file your tax return online or on paper. A physical copy of the form is available at your neighborhood SARS office. Registering for eFiling is a prerequisite for completing an online tax return in South Africa.

Concluding Words

From March 1, 2023, to February 29, 2024, is the current tax year in South Africa. Generally speaking, depending on the manner of paying taxes, the tax season runs from July to November, during which time individuals must file their income tax returns. The most recent tax deadline may be found on the SARS website.

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