Filmmaker Hansal Mehta and actor Kangana Ranaut engaged in an interesting conversation on Twitter as Mehta questioned whether Maharashtra was going to witness presidential rule due to the rise in coronovirus cases. Kangana shared her opinion in the affirmation and said that Mehta would also “become a devotee.”

Mehta shared on Twitter, “Will we see President’s rule in Maharashtra soon?” Kangana took the leap to share her opinion on the subject and wrote that Mehta would soon become a Sanghi. He said that “you will be disillusioned with these libraries like me”.

Kangana’s tweet wrote, “Ideally we need, Hansal sir very soon you will be a Sanghi, you will be a rational person, when you become disenchanted with these libras like me, a lotus will blossom in your heart and you Will become a devotee, then we will go to Sadhguru Ashram, or on a Kailash pilgrimage. “

She kept saying in the next tweet, “You know I was also a Liberoo, I also interviewed a Ravish with you, but I was subjected to cruelty / segregation for being exceptionally talented, they jailed me Tried to put me in, declared me insane, around that time the Indian government offered me to play the role of Goddess Lakshmi in an expedition. Even when the Shiv Sena threatened me that they had given me protection, So I really see her as the supreme feminist and champion of free speech and liberal values. Sooner or later you too will realize, I consider my life like a lotus flower and I have someone to give me There are no f ** ks.

Soon after Kangana’s tweet, Hansal Mehta suggested that she should drink coffee after the epidemic. At this, Kangana said, “Definitely … miss your humor and food of course.”

A few days ago Hansal shared a picture of Kangana, when she was asked on Twitter, “Who do you think is the biggest female actor working in Indian cinema today? No explanation or qualification is needed. No limits on language or style. a name. “Kangana then replied,” Hmm mujhe paat ta pyar to katare ho … mag paat na chaupte kya ho (I know you love me … but I don’t know why you hide it) . “

Kangana Ranaut starrer Thalaivi is scheduled to release in theaters on April 23.

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