Sonu Sood on Covid-19 crisis: ‘Which country are we living in?’

Actor-philanthropist Sonu Sood, who is arranging oxygen, hospital beds and medicines for the country as the country fights a second wave of coronovirus, says every call for help is the system’s failure to protect its citizens. Realize

Sood spoke to journalist Barkha Dutt about the lack of oxygen in the capital, the lack of hospital beds, and the mental trauma that people have to endure after delaying treatment, not with the virus to their loved ones.

The actor said that his heart thinks of less-privileged people, who do not even have a pill in treatment due to lack of financial and social resources. Sonu said that he was grateful to God that his parents were not alive because he could not imagine how helpless he would be if they contracted coronovirus.

He told Mojo, “My parents are no more, and sometimes I think that thank God they are no more because imagine that they must have become helpless and I run around for them Must have been. You feel like a failed human being if you are not able to get oxygen for your loved ones. You realize what I have achieved in life. I am best placed in Delhi with big houses. Calls are coming from people, and they say, “Please just get me a bed.”

“Imagine how helpless they are. Imagine what would happen to a normal person or a poor person who has no resources. Who will take care of them? Nothing could be worse than this. At least, oxygen is my right. A hospital is my right. If we say that one lakh people have died, then imagine that if we had one lakh more beds, then these people would have survived. Those who are dead do not deserve to die. They are dying because they are not receiving treatment at the right time. Someone’s oxygen drops from 88 to 60 because they have not received a bed or oxygen. How are the families of these people going to lead their lives? They will live like unsuccessful humans. We have all failed as humans too.

When asked whether he believed the current situation was a collective failure, the actor said that only a part of the country’s GDP has been allocated for healthcare, which explains the unprecedented health crisis facing India today. Used to be. Sood said that people need immediate help, and the government should take action now.

He further told Mojo, “We have been hearing since childhood that we should build hospitals and focus on healthcare, and we spend one to two percent of GDP on our health. The country has learned that healthcare Should be strong. But at what cost has this learning come? When millions of our people have died. These innocent people were entitled to live. Their only flaw was that they were born at a time when the right decisions were not taken and They were not provided with the right system. I do not know if the generations to come will get the right system or not, but it is necessary that the call is taken to ensure that people can receive it. Today people have cremation No money for. I have previously appealed to the government to cremate. I get calls every day for cremation. I feel helpless that I cannot call the authorities at the crematorium and before anyone else I can ask someone to allow me to cremate the dead body of loved ones. I cannot do that. “

Sonu Sood appealed to the government to ensure free education for all children who have lost one or both parents in Kovid-19. He said that if the government obeyed his advice, people would at least hope that “someone stands by us.”

He said, “Children are losing parents and grandparents. If the government today enacts a law that the education of all children who are either lost or both parents should be free for life, then people will feel that someone is standing by us. When are we supporting them? I feel helpless. I learn about new problems every day, and I think in which country are we living? “

Sonu Sood’s suggestion to the government was backed by colleague Priyanka Chopra, who in an Instagram post praised the actor’s efforts to reduce the Kovid-19 emergency in the country.

“Have you heard of visionary philanthropists? My coworker @sonu_sood is one such. He thinks and plans ahead. Consider this carefully because the effect is long-term, and includes children – among the many horror stories of the epidemic. It is about children who have lost one or both parents due to COVID-19. Disruption for many people, sadly due to a combination of loss and economic factors, leads to a complete halt in his education, ”read a part of Priyanka’s post.

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