Sonia Rathee: Sidharth Shukla was an absolute favourite of everyone on Broken But Beautiful 3

Debutant Sonia Rathi is ‘extremely excited’ about her upcoming show, Broken But Beautiful 3. For good measure, with a storyline and love and heartbreak, passion and complex emotions, the Alt Balaji show is returning this time with a new cast – fan favorite Siddharth Shukla, who has moved out of the Bigg Boss house after his Making the first major appearance are with Sonia.

Sonia is all set for the trip. “I am amazed at how many people liked our trailer. I hope they like the show too, ”he said hours before the premiere of Broken But Beautiful 3. The Indian-American actor said in an exclusive chat with that she was aware of her co-star’s popularity, but avoided it. By reading too much on it.

“She is all over social media and we all know how much she is loved. But I really didn’t want to go with a preconceived notion. I wanted to judge her for myself, ”said Sonia, it was a blast working with Siddharth.

“It was great and so much fun with him. There was never really a boring moment when Siddharth was around. He used to make fun of everyone and I was such an easy target. He is everybody’s favorite and I enjoy shooting with him a lot.” He Came.” Sonia Rathi.

The winners of Bigg Boss 13 are also making their digital debut with the show. Ever since his character Agastya Rao’s first look appeared, his fans have been in a frenzy. However, there has also been a section that wanted Siddharth and Shahnaz Gill in the lead roles. However, for Sonia, the actor shared that she was overwhelmed by the way her fans welcomed her, “I got such a good response. I am overwhelmed to find such an audience. To be honest, I did not expect so many people to show so much love. I’m very grateful for that. “

Interestingly, the actor revealed that he feels he has featured Broken But Beautiful 3 in his life. Her brother Ankur Rathi’s fiancée Anuja Joshi was part of the second season (Debbie), and Sonia went with him for a photoshoot for the show. “I just came to India and tagged along with him. I was so impressed that I wish I had a similar project. I think I fully revealed it, ”she shared with a smile.

However, it was Rumi’s character who said yes to the young actor. After going through three rounds of auditions, as she began to learn more about the part, she wanted to do it. “Rumi is this 20-year-old girl who is still tracing life. She is like most of us and the thing I loved her so much was her enthusiasm. Nothing anyone can dare tell her. She She is also very emotional, but the show has beautifully portrayed her journey as she grows up. ”

The first two seasons of the web series starred Harleen Sethi and Vikrant Massey, and were liked by all. However, she says that she did not feel any pressure.

He said, “During the shooting of the film I knew that it was a very different project than what had been done, so I didn’t feel that way. I blocked the previous season and I’m thankful that no one compared.” , Now that people are asking, yes, maybe there is some pressure. “

In the end, saying that whatever ‘breaks’ leaves something ‘beautiful’, Sonia said, “We all go through heartbreak, we all lose our trust. However, not every experience gives us something. Teaches something and gives us a chance to move forward. “

From May 29, Broken But Beautiful 3 will stream on Alt Balaji and later on MXPlayer.

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