Son of Kong May Be Next Monsterverse Movie Following Godzilla Vs. Kong

After the success of Godzilla vs Kang, Legendary Pictures is looking to continue the Monsterview franchise, and it could be accompanied by a classic remake. Namely, Kang’s son. At one point, especially after the release of Godzilla: The King of the Monsters, It seemed that the series may have been running out of gas. But now it has found new life. As such, further films are being discovered and are being made for the return of director Adam Wingard.

According to a new report, Godzilla Vs Kong Director Adam Wingard has negotiated with Legendary for a new Monsterview film. It has not been decided, at this time, what the nature of the sequel will be. But it is said Kong’s son It is believed. This suggests that King Kong, after his major battle with Godzilla, will settle down and start a family in Holo Earth himself. However it should be noted that nothing has been decided yet and is simply a title that is “floated internally.”

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Kong’s son Originally released in 1933. The film was brought into production after its original release King kang, Which also hit theaters that same year. It was miraculously rapidly produced to capitalize for success in the studio. The film focuses on the same showman who brought Kong to New York. He returns to Skull Island and finds Kong’s son, a fickle, small (though still large) monkey with a victorious personality. Carl Denheim (Robert Armstrong) rescues Kong Jr. from the quicksand and, as a result, finds himself a devoted defender.

Failed For those who have not seen the film, it ends tragically with Kong’s son with a very cruel death. This is not a good film at all. Given that King Kong is still alive in Monsterwort, it will be, at best, a loose remake. This is, most likely, the original mirror in name only. If the studio goes this route, it could eventually give Kong a proper sequel after 2017 Kong: Skull Island.

It all comes as a result Godzilla vs KangUnexpected, monstrous success. The film has already crossed the $ 400 million mark at the box office, its biggest release since the epidemic. It grossed more than King of the Monsters, and did so in many theaters around the world with a capacity limit. In addition, the movie is available to stream on HBO Max in US ON, on top of that, it was a true crowdfunding, earning favorable reviews.

For Adam Vanguard, it can be hard to nail him down. The filmmaker is busier than ever, with high-profile projects such as Face on / off 2 And Thunder Cats On his to-do list. This leads to the big new question Demon The film will actually be made. However, it is still in the early stages as no writer is currently attached. When you provide further details, we will keep you posted. This news comes to us via the Hollywood Reporter.

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