Some Xbox controllers are failing to respond to button presses


Josh Goldman / CNET

Xbox wireless controller that comes with Microsoft’s shiny new Xbox series x and s Consoles may sometimes fail to register button presses.

“We know that some players are experiencing unresponsiveness with their new Xbox wireless controllers and our team is actively working,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement on Friday.

The A and X buttons apparently sometimes fail to respond, but not as much as the Y. This is a problem that has been reported since the Xbox Series X and S launch last November, but it is unclear how widespread it is. One player told competitive gaming site The Loadout that the Y button “continuously failed” while playing FIFA on PC.

Microsoft recommends that anyone who encounters the issue visit the Xbox support site.

Xbox controllers are not the only problems mentioned. Many Nintendo Switch players have stated that the Joy-Cons of hybrid consoles Suffer from drift. More recently, some PS5 dualdisk controllers reportedly Had only one issue.

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