Some Star Wars Fans Really Want Robert Downey Jr. as Thrawn in Ahsoka Disney+ Series

Star wars Fans want Robert Downey Jr. to portray Grand Admiral Thrones in upcoming live-action Ahsoka Chain. Mandalorian Season 2 introduced the world to the live-action version of Ahosa Tano, played by Rosario Dawson. It turns out that Theron is still alive and the Jedi is on its way, which many believe will be a major part of the recently announced Disney + series. Could Tony Stark be the right choice to bring an actor to life?

An old tweet by Senator-Elect John Osoff is asking about the Grand Admiral Throne in Sequel Triology, which went viral earlier in the week. A lot of Star wars Fans expected the villain to appear in the trilogy, but it was not over. Fortunately, it seems that Ahsoka Will introduce the character, who is fan of guessing who will play him. There is a rumor that has picked up traction Robert Downey Jr., and a fan has already gone ahead and made some fan art.

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Mandalorian Season 2 made it appear that Ahso Tano is still on the hunt for Ezra Bridger, although this has not been officially confirmed. With that being said, the character knows that Thron is still alive and that she is hunting for him. John Favreau recently revealed that Dave Filoni is currently developing Ahsoka Series, and one can easily see him bringing back Theron and Bridger, which would be huge for the hardcore Star wars Fans who are waiting to see live-action versions of these characters.

related to Robert Downey Jr. Playing the role of Thron, it is a rumor at the moment. The actor has not spoken about the rumors and Lucasfilm will likely not comment on it, whether it is true or not. Thanks for the success Mandalorian, Jumping at the chance to get involved with actors Star wars Franchise, which means that they have no problem in playing the character of the smallest background to the people. Sources claim that RDJ is currently in talks to play the role of Thron, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

It seems that Robert Downey Jr.’s name appears in a new form at some point Star wars The project is underway. He is one of the biggest actors on the planet, so it makes sense. But, we have yet to sign him with Lucasfilm, despite many rumors over the years. He now has some extra time on his hands to play Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can see an image of what RDJ might look for as Grand Admiral Thran, thanks to Twitter of star wars quarter Accounting.

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