Some Ford Mach-E owners are having 12-volt battery troubles

Mach-E has proved popular so far, but early examples are giving some issues to their owners.

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Ford’s Mustang Mach-E EV is quite profitable for its first attempt at a built-to-purpose electric vehicle. Of course, no new model is without its flaws, and owners of some early Mach-E examples have found a significant fault with the 12-volt battery system.

According to a report published on Thursday by The Verge, some owners of these early Mach-S are going out of their vehicles overnight after leaving them on the charger and locating the vehicle in something called Deep Sleep Mode. Essentially, his fancy new EV has been given a brick.

However how does this happen? By the way, it has to be used in the way that the 12 volt battery of the vehicle is automatically charged. In an internal combustion vehicle, the battery is charged by the alternator while the engine is running. In Mach-E (and most EVs), a 12-volt battery extracts some energy from a large, high-voltage propulsion battery. But in these Mach-Es, the vehicle computer would not allow a 12-volt battery to do so if the vehicle was on a charger.

Without being able to charge itself, the 12-volt battery will last overnight in some instances, and the vehicle will become unusable. The battery can still be jumped, such as on an internal combustion vehicle, but because the battery stays in the Mach-E’s frunk, which is latched electronically – with latch power coming from the 12-volt battery – You are unfortunate in a way.

A representative for Ford said in a statement, “We know that a small number of Mustang Mach-E owners have their 12V battery reached a low-voltage condition.” “We actually worked with the initial owners to identify the root cause and a fix to counter the issue. In the rare instances where this still happens, the customer now uses their local EV- to resolve the issue. Certified Ford Dealer. “

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin to assist its technicians to resolve the issue, but it has not yet been fully recalled.

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