Soccer Star Christian Eriksen Is Stabilized After Euro 2020 Collapse

Many have taken to social media to express their thoughts over the situation.

Kate Middleton and Prince William offered their support, writing, “Encouraging news about Christian Eriksen, we are all thinking about him and his family. Well done to the medical team and Anthony Taylor for their calm and swift action.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Christian Eriksen and his family,” Cristiano Ronaldo shared on Instagram. “The world of football stands together hoping for good news. I’m counting on finding you soon back on the pitch, Chris! Stay strong!”

“Our thoughts are with Christian Eriksen and his family and team mates,” Finland in EU wrote on Twitter. “Some things are more important than football.”

One fan shared, “Nothing but love to Christian Eriksen, his family, his teammates & Team Finland. Thank God for paramedics & medical teams. Please, please, please let him make a full recovery.”

“The definition of team,” another user wrote. “Denmark should be proud. Positive thoughts to Christian Eriksen and his family.”

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