SNL Alum Jay Pharoah Shows Video of Cop Kneeling on His Neck After LAPD Wrongfully Detain Him

the former Shanivari Night Live Star Jai Pharoah A frightening change had taken place with police officers in what was said to be a case of mistaken identity, and the comedian has since released a video of the harsh experience online. The incident took place in February, when Jai went out for a walk on a road in the San Fernando Valley. Pharaoh was also detained by an officer kneeling on his neck at one point, based on claims by LAPD officers that he was matching details of a suspect they were chasing. The entire change was captured by a security camera, and Pharaoh has just released the footage via video posted on his Instagram account.

As Jai explains the situation, a video shows a LAPD officer approaching Pharaoh from behind. Moments later, another officer arrives at the scene with a gun, followed by two more policemen, when their cruiser arrives at the scene. In a few moments the incident occurs, and it was difficult for Pharaoh to understand what was happening. Pharaoh was told that he matched a description as officers were searching for a black man with “gray sweatpants and a gray shirt”. It wasn’t until he was trapped and taken from neck to knee when officers realized he had detained a celebrity, and Faroea says that the police released him “a minute later” gave.

The video is simply horrifying to watch, and the comparison of the incident and the deaths of Ahmoud Erby and George Floyd has made it more horrific. A few days after Farrow’s scuffle with the LAPD, Erby was shot by local residents strolling outside, just as Pharaoh was doing. Last month, Floyd was murdered when he was a victim and pinned to the ground by several police officers, with one knee directly on the victim’s neck. These similarities are also part of why Pharaoh opted to release the footage online, showing how often this type of thing happens to people of color in the United States. “I could easily have been Ahmoud Erby or George Floyd,” the Pharaoh states in the video.

“It could easily turn into another situation if I wasn’t the one,” Pharaoh said on the experience chit chat, Facing issues of the black community that are not well known. “And the thing here is getting black in America, just black in America. Others can’t level up with the fear of being with me. Leaving home, we shouldn’t be afraid to go to the grocery store, go Has been. To get some gas, run down the road. It’s called human citizenship. This is what it’s about being a human. “

According to TMZ, the LAPD has confirmed that they have seen the video and are currently investigating the situation. Pharaoh can be seen talking about the ordeal when he appears. chit chat On Monday 15 June at 2pm. ET on CBS. The video shown above we get from Jay Pharaoh on Instagram.

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