Snapchat looks to maintain its own friendships — with devs – TipsClear

over the past For a few years, Snapchat has been building an increasingly complex weave of partnerships.

They have advertising partners who power the vast majority of their demonetization efforts. Snap has their app developer Kit is that they are also selling new features like CameraKit and Minis. They are bringing game developers on board for their Snap Games initiative, including another partnership with Zynga, which they announced today. They continue to pursue mobile-first original content programming for Snapchat Discover. Sometimes these differences can create gray areas. For example, in a conversation with TipsClear, Ben Swarvin, SnapP Partnership’s VP, emphasizes Snapchat It is not competitive with Quilty, which is an advertising partner.

He said, “Comparing QB and Snapchat, and I know it’s easy to do – is like comparing cable TV and Snapchat.”

Snapchat is probably better positioned than any other app in the United States, turning Tencent’s WeChat in China into a national platform for friend-to-friend messaging apps. Snap is still a long way from pulling that closure, but at their annual Snap Partner Summit on Thursday, they shared some essential building blocks to share through third-party experiences through an upgrade to their developer kit Enrich and take a new initiative. Called snap minis.

Snap says that they now have 800 developers that integrate with Snap Kit and a combined 150 million users use these integrations on a monthly basis.

In the US, developers have had a largely sinister relationship with social media companies. Companies like facebook And Twitter has discontinued many of the developer capabilities with which they launched, often turning off features that were critical to overnight developer experiences. Snap Kit, Snapchat’s dedicated developer platform, is only two years old at this point, but looking at the pitfalls faced by Facebook regarding privacy, Snap has allowed it to build a platform that brings developers down to the fold with some features But holds the real treasure – the Snapchat social graph – buried inside its boundary wall.

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