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Snap Announces a bunch of new features, Modern prepares to test the final stages of its Coronavirus vaccine and reveals the Sony PlayStation 5.

Here’s your daily crunch for June 12, 2020.

1. Snapchat cuts minis, bites third-party applications that live inside chat

Snap minis are lightweight third-party programs that users can quickly pull into the chat section. This allows them to complete tasks without switching apps, such as ordering movie tickets, comparing class schedules, studying flashcard decks, or passing through guided meditation.

The news came in a virtual version of the Snap Partner Summit, in which the company also announced several AR updates, including lens voice search, an own machine learning model update at Lens Studio, and a geography-specific AR system. This will convert public snaps to spatial data.

2. Modern begins trial of final phase of its coronavirus vaccine by July

Pharmaceutical company Modern told Bloomberg that it is on pace to start in July for a final-phase clinical trial of a novel coronovirus that causes COVID-19. The company has previously stated that it could potentially begin offering experimental doses available to health workers in limited capacity as soon as this fall.

3. And finally … here is Sony’s PlayStation 5

Sony finally revealed the PS5 Tower in all its glory. It does not look like a completely un-router – but if so, it is a sleeker looking router.

4. Chris Cox returns to the fold as Facebook’s chief product officer

Following a very high-profile departure last year, former Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox will return to his long-held position. He said the unique national and global climate of 2020 influenced his decision, particularly the current focus on the coronavirus epidemic, its subsequent economic catastrophe and the nation’s “recurrence of racial injustice”.

5. Why are Unicorns bringing back IPOs when Nasdaq is near record highs?

Instacart just announced that it had raised fresh capital north of $ 13 billion. Meanwhile, DoorDash is reportedly trying to add more cash to a pre-money valuation of more than $ 15 billion. Both announcements make it clear that the late unicorns have been able to attract huge sums despite an uncertain uncertain IPO market. (Additional Crunch membership required.)

6. Microsoft’s Brad Smith says the company won’t sell facial recognition technology to police

Microsoft is joining IBM and Amazon in taking a position against the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement – at least, until more regulation is in place.

7. UK competition watchdog begins investigation into Facebook’s $ 400M acquisition of Giphy

Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority – the country’s rival watchdog – announced that it had launched an investigation into the acquisition of Giphy on Facebook. In particular, it remains to be seen how this deal will further reduce competition in the respective markets of the two companies.

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