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One of the few challenges Ticktock rivals have encountered is often strong examples of content creation tools, such as filters, effects, and tools to remodel others’ content – such as Ticktock’s Stitch and Duet, for example. There is a shortage of sets. It now appears that Snapchat is working to fix that latter problem, however, as it has been seen working on a Tiktuk Duet-like feature called “Rex”, designed to respond to Snap. Has been done. This feature will allow users to create new content using their friends’ snaps – a “remix”.

Initially, this feature will allow users to answer a friend’s story with remixed snaps. To do this, you can record your own snaps with the original as it plays – like a Tiktuk duet.

The feature, which Snap confirms has been launched in external testing, focuses on reels content following public testing of Instagram’s similar “remix” feature. (This also Tested a version for stories As a first step.)

In the case of Instagram, the company states that the remix allows anyone to create an Instagram reel, where your videos play along with them. This is, essentially, its own version of the Instagram Tickcock Duets, a tool often used to interact with content from other Titok users. In duets, TikTok users can sing, dance, joke, or act along with another user’s video; Baking someone else’s recipe; Record response videos; Video enhancements from lesser-known creators; even more. This is a core part that makes TicketLock feel like a social network, rather than just a platform for more passive video viewing.

Last fall, Tiktok announced that it was offering several new layout options in addition to the left-right layout for Duet, including a new top-bot layout, a special “React” layout, and a three-screen layout.

Some of the same duet formats and others now appear to be under consideration by Snape as well.

In its remix feature, Snapchat users are presented with a screen where they can choose from a variety of options for combining snaps – side-by-side and top-and-bottom formats, as well as Others where the content is overlapping or where you can react to the snap.

Image Credit: Photo via Snapchat’s Remix feature @ Alex193a on twitter

According to reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Which were previously in addition, the remix provides users with a way to tag friends or others whom they want to either allow the remix or share their snaps via a new toggle switch.

It appears that users will be able to access the “remix” feature from the same menu where you can either report “snap” today or send it to others.

The menu, of course, is available from within Snapchat’s new TickTalk contestants, known as Spotlight, launched last year.

Although the remix is ​​being tested among friends initially, we understand that it is expected to make its way in time to other parts of the Snapchat app. And chances are, it will include the spotlight. Like Tiktok, Spotlight provides a video feed filled with short-form, entertaining videos that you can scroll with a swipe up and down, often set to popular music – thanks to Snap’s music industry deals. This would be a natural fit for the remix, as it is a common way for users to interact with each other’s content to create dialogue.

Image Credit: Photo via Snapchat’s Remix feature @ Alex193a on twitter (Opens in a new window)

Snap confirmed to ClearTips that it was beginning to test the remix on its app.

A spokesman said, “I can confirm that externally we are testing the ability to answer a friend’s story.” “It lets you play for relevant conversations on Snapchat, as well as recording with the original on your own snaps,” he said.

The company did not offer ETA for a comprehensive rollout at this time.

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