Smash + Tess Collab with Hilary Duff, Plus More Fashion News

Photography courtesy of Smash + Tess.

Including Roxy Erley’s wardrobe on Poshmark.

Smash and Tess is launching a romantic-ific collection with Hilary Duff

Smash Tess Hillary Duff
Photography courtesy of Smash + Tess.

Vancouver-based brand Smash + Tess continues, well, break it down with Colebus. This time, it teamed up with actress and entrepreneur Hilary Duff to create a series of chilled-out rompers and took on the brand’s best-selling romp. “One of the best parts about the project for me was that all of the women involved were women,” Duff said in a press release about the collection, which launched on February 23. “We all have different things in our lives, different bodies, different wants and needs, but we all sat down and collaborated on everything from colors, clothes, fit … It was really fun. “

Now you can shop the Roxy Eel wardrobe at Poshmark

Poshmark’s photography etiquette.

If you spent your viewing time Toronto’s Real Housewives Wooing Roxy Earl’s Outfits, Good News: You can finally snatch up those looks. Put Gucci sandals, a Herv Legger runway piece, longovers and many other previously loved pieces on Goshmark. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to Ernestine, a Toronto-based women’s shelter.

SWAIA / Santa Fe Indian market’s latest virtual exhibition focuses on indigenous jewelery design

Photography courtesy of the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Running online until March 28, “Indigenous Talent: The Shape of Jewelry” uncovers creatives’ alluvials – many of which are first Canadians – including Dana Claxon (pictured), Rose Simpson, Carey Atoumbi, Indy City, Catherine Blackburn, Helen Oro included. Monture Studios and Peter Williams. The show was curated by Amber-Don Bear Robb, and each artist’s style, ranging from beading to metalsmithing and more, is thoughtfully presented in a video format that includes interviews as well as their A visual exploration of the work is also included.

Louis Vuitton has released a collection of bracelets in support of UNICEF

Louis vuitton lockit
Photography courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Crafted using recycled silver, Louis Vuitton’s new locket bracelets are not just an attractive accessory; They are purpose-built pieces. Each bracelet sold will go to UNICEF, a $ 100 child welfare-focused organization. There is also a monogrammed version of the brand’s beloved Dudeau Luis teddy bear, which should be part of the collection, this should do a lot for your fans.

Chantal Carter, founder of Love and Noods, is part of Shopis’ upcoming panel, which features black business leaders

On February 26 at 12 noon PST, Shopify is hosting a two-part panel discussion that highlights the rise and grind of black entrepreneurs, including Toronto-based lingerie pioneer Chantel Carter, founder of the inclusive brand Love & Noods; Kyra Young, CEO and co-founder of the vegan hair and skincare line Kyra’s Shea Medleys; And Meo, who started hair brand Bread Beauty Supply. The panel is part of Shopify’s Build Black series, which enhances the platform’s business education and Black-owned business directory initiatives.

Mr. Saturday’s collaboration with the cannabis brand version is now available

Edition Sh.  Saturday
Photography provided by the edition.

Cult brand Mr. Saturday and the recently launched pot retailer edition have emphasized a selection of longwala items and cannabis accessories – slippers, sweatshirts, doob tubes, bogs … all the hope for a very good Saturday, Ya know? The classification was inspired by the “enduring luxury” and “timelessness of hand-written letters” of Hotel Gateway, and began as part of Mr. Saturday’s recent New York Fashion Week virtual presentation.

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