SmartNews’ U.S. app unveils new features for the elections, COVID-19 and local weather – ClearTips

SmartNews’ U.S. app unveils new features for the elections, COVID-19 and local weather – ClearTips
News search app SmartNews' new election features for US users

News Search App SmartNews’ New election features for US users

Today at ClearTips Disrupt, SmartNews announced the release of major new features for the US version of its News Discovery app, making it easier for users to receive updates about polls, COVID-19 and weather.

Many of the features focus on the presidential race, and other candidates are up for a vote this year. SmartNews, which has built its coverage of local news over the past two years, has also added sections devoted to local elections and voting measures, and has been informed to register and vote to vote.

During its interrupted session, SmartNews co-founder, chief operating officer and chief engineer Cassie Hamamato said the app’s new election features aimed to create a “one-stop solution” for voters seeking information.

Another new facility focuses on the COVID-19 epidemic, and includes an expanded case counter that now breaks them down by county; Latest information about local closure, reopening and other epidemic-related policies; And a vaccine and drug development tracker with a timeline of news articles from various sources.

SmartNews new COVID-19 vaccine and drug news tracker

SmartNews new COVID-19 vaccine and drug news tracker

The last new feature is the “hyper-localized” weather report. Launched as Americans in many states facing wildfires or extreme weather events like hurricanes, SmartNews’ Weather Radar uses its predictive radar map design to show neighborhood-specific forecasts, Including forecasting and intensity of rain.

SmartNews' weather radar feature

SmartNews’ weather radar feature

Founded in 2012 in Japan, SmartNews launched its US edition in 2014, and features articles from 3,000 publishing partners around the world. While its news search is mostly driven by machine learning based algorithms, the company’s team also includes experienced journalists who help develop new features. In the United States, SmartNews has focused on addressing growing media polarization aimed at helping readers break through the information bubbles found on social media apps.

Smartnews' news from all sides for the US presidential election

The News from All Sides features for the US presidential election

Last year, SmartNews launched its News from All Sides feature in the US, which featured articles on the same topic of publications across the political spectrum that users could toggle using a slider. Designed for readers who want to see other perspectives, but may be overwhelmed by online searches, News from All Sides has been adapted for the 2020 presidential election, an article about Biden and Donald Trump Presents.

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