Smallville Animated Revival Is Still Being Planned by Michael Rosenbaum & Tom Welling

Smallville If two of the show’s major stars find their way, it may just return as an animated series. In Superman Prequel series, Michael Rosenbaum Along with Tom Welling played a younger version of the iconic villain Lex Luthor, who also had a teenage Clark Kent. The series ended in 2011 after ten seasons and more than 200 episodes, with Clarke making her first appearance as Man of Steel.

So, whatever became Superman and Lex Luthor Smallville Universe? Ten years after the finale, it seems unlikely that the show will continue with a reboot or sequel series. This does not mean that Rosenbom and Welling are playing these characters, as the actors are eager to reassess their respective roles as Lex and Clarke in an animated series adaptation. Here’s what Rosenbaum had to say about a possible comeback, addressing the prospect in an Instagram live Q&A with fans Smallville.

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“Well, Tom welling And I had the idea of ​​returning Smallville as an animated series, so we’ll see if that ever happens, but we’ll try to make it happen. “

An animated followup makes sense. It is very easy to get all the original actors back on board if the actors are only repeating their roles in the voice, something that can be recorded even remotely. A continuation of live-action would also be a harder sell for a network or streamer than an animated series, given the high costs involved in adopting certain things. Superman. In short, a cartoon spinoff is likely to be a lot more than anything, should we be any kind of Smallville The sequel.

This is not the first time Rosenbaum has mentioned his desire to create a Smallville animated series with Welling. In 2018, the pair surprisingly appeared in Washington, DC, where they were asked about a possible revival. Per CBR, Welling responded that “animated can be fun.” For his part, Rosenbaum revealed that he had really given that thought a lot, pitching the series at one point Smallville Co-producer Alfred Gough.

“I swear to God, I brought up Al, the creator of Al Smallville, I said, ‘we should do an animated Smallville, “” Said Rosenbaum. “Can you imagine? It will be huge! Mallville: Animated SeriesWith all real voices and all guest stars […] Bring them in, it will just be good. “

the story of Smallville Found a brief continuation in the form of a digital comic book Smallville season xi, Which debuted in 2012. Set after the events of the TV series, Clarke is now fighting crime as Superman in the comic. In 2019, Welling and Erica Durus (Lois Lane) will be showcasing themselves Smallville Roles in Arrowverse Crossover Event Crisis on infinite earth. Rosenbaum was given a chance to return as Lex Luthor, but turned it down because he was not allowed to see the script earlier.

If time will tell Smallville: The Animated Series Never comes, but HBO Max seems like the perfect home for such a series if it ever gets the green light. Rosenbom’s clip addressing the possibility comes to us @BatKilmer on Twitter.

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