Small Group of Disneyland Employees Rally to Pressure California Governor Into Reopening Park

A small portion of Disneyland staff and fans gathered outside the iconic California theme park this morning to pressure Gavin Newsom, who allows all theme parks to reopen. All of California’s theme parks have closed since mid-March and Disney, in particular, is rolling out with Newsom to open its park to the public. Currently, only the Downtown Disney area, which is made up of food and shopping, is open to the public. The ongoing public health crisis limits how many people can be in the area at any given time.

Just over 20 Disneyland employees and fans (all wearing masks) showed up outside the park to protest this morning. They all want Gavin to allow Newsome Park to reopen. The downtown Disney portion of the park has been in capacity for several weeks now, with people desperate to get any sort of Disney fix. However, Gavin Newsom has no interest in reopening the park, or any other theme park in California, including Notts Berry Farm, Universal Studios and Magic Mountain.

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Things have started to get a bit ugly between Disney and Gavin Newsom for the past several months. Walt Disney World reopened in July, and plans were to do so in California as well, but Newsom halted it when matters began to boom again. Disney president Bob Iger resigned from the state’s Economic Coronovirus Task Force, which many believed was a move to pressure the California governor, though it did not put Newsome in the slightest Was because he claimed he saw it.

After Bob Iger left the state task force, Gavin Newsom revealed that he was in “no hurry” to open Disneyland or any other theme park in California. Disney then hired 28,000 employees. Both Disney and the California Attractions and Parks Association criticized Newsome for being “inappropriate”, which could result in their latest rehab about opening the park. Newsom sent a team to Walt Disney World earlier this week to see how they were working to bring back Intel to open Disneyland.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek criticized Gavin Newsome and the State of California in a recent interview.

“It seems to me that the guidelines set by the state of California are more stringent than any state in the country,” Chapek said. “If you look at Disney’s history and what we’ve been able to do during the reopening, rather than arbitrary standards regardless of the actual fact, and what we’ve been able to do as a company, I think you’d Come to a different decision about reopening.

Newsom has yet to respond to those claims or protest outside the theme park this morning. The Hollywood Reporter first announced Disneyland protests.

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