Skygauge’s innovative tilting rotor drones are up for pre-order, with deliveries in 2021 – TipsClear

Skygauge’s innovative tilting rotor drones are up for pre-order, with deliveries in 2021 – TipsClear

I have on some occasions to personally see Skygaz’s drone, mainly on trips to Asia. The Canadian team is involved in the HAX program and has spent time working outside their Shenzhen offices. In fact, they competed in our last hardware battlefield in the city late last year.

To someone, everyone I speak to seems impressed by the company’s tiltable rotor technology, which largely does not allow industrial drones to maneuver in the ways of more traditional quadcopters. I have little doubt that the startup has had no trouble attracting the attention of companies gaining an edge in the drone space, and like many other robotics and robotics / drone / automation companies, this COVID-led to a significant increase in interest Is 19.

Today the startup announced that it has opened pre-orders on its drone, with plans to launch in 2021 – it is not disclosing pricing, but interested parties can deposit a refundable $ 1,000. The company has already fielded “100 potential customers” with demos planned for 10 Fortune 500 companies. Thus, the epidemic has opened up increased potential for these types of automated industrial inspection equipment. The company noted a recent temporary FAA exemption for additional drone-based inspections of oil and gas sites in Texas, as workers are expected to stay home.

Co-founder and CEO Nikita Ilyuskin said in a statement, “Our goal is to get people out of dangerous environments and the need for COVID-19 has never been greater.”

Akashgami revealed his early adopter program during the epidemic. I should be curious to see if the company’s success ultimately lies in producing its drones or licensing its impressive technology to third-parties. Meanwhile, it has raised $ 400,000 in pre-seed funding, with plans to raise more.

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