SkyDrive Completes First Manned Test Flight of Flying Car

Japanese startup Skydrive confirmed that it had completed the first human test flight of its SD-03 flying car, showing the video in action.

SkyDrive said in a press release that the test flights, which were held on August 25 at the 10,000-square-meter Toyota Test Field, lasted for about four minutes. A pilot was in SD-03, but to ensure stability and safety, a computer-assisted control system was used, as well as technical personnel who monitored the flight conditions and flight car performance.

The SD-03 is designed to be the world’s smallest electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle, replacing only two parked cars. It uses eight motors, with two rotors at four locations, to ensure safety during emergency situations.

Skydrive has also uploaded a video that takes a close look at the development of the SD-03, which led to its first human test flight.

Skydrive said it would continue to conduct test flights under more circumstances, and that it is to receive approval to fly the SD-03 outside the Toyota test field before the end of the year.

Flying cars of the future

Skydrive, however, is the only company developing a flying car. Uber, Airbus, and Hyundai are some of the brands that are interested in giving people the option to fly through the sky for their daily travels.

Munich, Germany-based Lilium secured $ 35 million funding in June to add $ 240 million it received in March to the development of its Lilium jet, proving that there is a growing interest in VTOL aircraft.

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