Skin Producer Dillon Jordan Arrested on Prostitution Ring and Money Laundering Charges

Dillon Jordan, Producer skin and kindergarten teacher, was indicted last month on charges of prostitution and money laundering. The indictment was busted on Thursday. The Hollywood figure has been accused of sending photos of sex workers hired to potential clients and discussing the cost of prostitution services over email, while also overseeing worldwide travel arrangements for women. They say that there is evidence that Dillon D Jordan Was operating his own prostitution ring from 2010 until at least May 2017.

The charges also allege that he collected and paid for a prostitution business, with payments in the form of “modeling fees,” “appearance fees,” “consulting fees,” in the name of a production company and an event planning business. Accounts used on “House Party Fees.” Jordan is also going under such aliases as Daniel Jordan, Daniel Maurice Hatton and Daniel Boehler, according to the indictment. He was arrested in San Bernardino County and is scheduled for his first appearance before a federal judge in Riverside, CA.

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According to court documents, Jordan, who was charged under various aliases, “primarily managed the finances of the prostitution businesses. [sic.] Through two major companies incorporated in California, including an alleged party and event planning company … and a movie production company.”

Several bank accounts were also reportedly opened in the names of the two companies, where they are said to have made money and processed transactions for the prostitution ring. According to the documents, checks written to sex workers were sometimes “further disguised” as “modeling fees, appearance fees, counseling fees, massage therapy fees, and house party fees, among other things”.

“It was part and an object of the conspiracy that Dylan Jordan, a/k/a Daniel Jordan, a/k/a Daniel Maurice Hatton, a/k/a Daniel Boehler, the defendant, and other known and unknown, will and willful persons transported in interstate and foreign commerce, with the intention that such persons engage in prostitution and any sexual activity for which a person may be charged with a criminal offence…” the document read.

The document calls upon the maker to “seize the United States … any and all property, real and personal, constituted or derived from income derived, directly or indirectly, as a result of the said offense; and any and all property.” , actual or personal, which was used or was intended to be used to commit or [facilitate] The commission of the said offence, including, but not limited to, an amount of money in the currency of the United States representing the amount of property involved in the said offense and traceable to the commission of the said offence.”

Dillon is charged with conspiracy to violate the Mann Act (aimed at preventing prostitution and human trafficking), using interstate commerce to promote illegal activity, and concealment of money laundering.

Dylan’s most recent production credits were attached to the film. one nation under God Starring Kevin Sorbo and Antonia Sabato Jr., about a student professing his religion when a presidential candidate visits his school. Jordan’s representatives have yet to respond to the allegations. This news first appeared in Variety.

Subject: Sexual misconduct

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