Singer Cady Groves’ Cause of Death Revealed

Singer Cady Groves’ Cause of Death Revealed

New details regarding Caddy Groves‘Unexpected death.

On Friday, August 7, the Davidson County Office of the Medical Examiner confirmed E! News that the singer-songwriter’s death was due to complications from chronic ethanol abuse.

The conclusion came more than three months after Cady’s demise at the age of 30. Caddy’s brother on 4 May Cody Groves Confirmed her death on social media.

Cody wrote in his message, “I hate that I have to do this as well, but apparently the world and the Internet are a wrong connection.” “The medical examiner has completed the autopsy and found no signs of foul play or harm to himself. Simply put, Cady Groves died of natural causes.”

“That was some medical problems last fall and our best guess at this point until further testing is complete that they were revived again,” he continued. “Please honor her name and family before sharing information that did not come directly from here.”

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