Simone Boseman Pays Loving Tribute to Husband Chadwick Boseman at the Gotham Awards

Simone Bosman honored husband’s life Chadwick bosman Gotham Awards in 2021. Bosnia died in August 2020 after a 4-year battle with colon cancer. black Panther The actor kept his health fight secret from the public and even his close associates. However, his family knew his struggle and saw how pained he was, yet he continued to work. Simone Bosman accepted the actor tribute award on behalf of Bosman, noting, “Chase as an artist, as an actor and a person. The practice of telling the truth.”

Chadwick Boseman received an actor tribute award for his performance in the Net Bottom film Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Simone begins her tribute by saying, “He is the most honest person I’ve ever met because he doesn’t just stop telling the truth, he actively searched for it. On his own, around him and in the moment. ” After his demise, some of the actor’s closest associates echoed some very strong emotions. Simone continued, “Truth can be a very easy thing to avoid in itself, but if one does not live in truth, then it is impossible for your life to live in harmony with a divine purpose. And so it became . He lived his life, day in, day out. Unfinished, but steadfast. “

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Simone Bosman talks about Chadwick Bosman’s ability to take on real-life characters like Jackie Robinson 42Or in james brown get started. “He was blessed to live many lives within his concentrated one,” she said. “They developed their understanding of what it means, one, none and all. ‘A pot has to be poured in and out,” he said. Bosman’s role in ” Ma raini’s black bottom People have speculated about Academy Award nominations.

Simone Boseman paid tribute to him, saying, “Chad, thank you. I love you. I’m so proud of you. You keep shining your light on us.” The soulful tribute was the highlight of many fans at the 2021 Gotham Awards and black Panther The actor is hoping that he will continue to win the award in the wake of his death. For many, Chadwick Boseman was more than an actor, a pillar of his community and friend to many.

Together Black panther 2 Along the way, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are beginning to wonder what the future of the franchise will be. Marvel Studios owner Kevin Feige recently revealed that they will not recreate Chadwick Bossman digitally, and will explore Wakanda more and more while paying tribute to the late actor at the same time. Ryan Coogler is currently working on the script for the highly anticipated sequel, so we should have more information soon. CNN was one of the first outlets to report Simone Bosman’s tribute to her late husband.

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