Siddharth questions the shortage of Covid-19 vaccines: ‘Where are the vaccines?’

Actor Siddharth has called on the government for the shortage of Kovid-19 vaccines in the country. He has also questioned the government’s preparedness to deal with the second wave of coronovirus.

On Saturday, the Rang De Basanti actor took to Twitter and commented on how “not being politically retaliatory can help” the nation deals with an outbreak of coronovirus. “A month-long nationwide lockdown is the way forward. Can we afford it and sadly we could have avoided arriving here? Siddharth tweeted, not Rs 30000 crore from Central Vista Funds, not lying to cover up mistakes and not be politically retaliatory :(, ”.

The actor expressed his indignation at the failure of the country’s leaders in dealing with the epidemic by “placing themselves in front of the country and their future in front of the people”. He further writes, “The past year has been teased by myopic and greedy leaders who have placed themselves in front of the country and the future of the people.” Things are going to get much worse, doctors have warned. be angry! do not forget! But mostly, please be safe. “

India reported more than 4,00,000 Kovid-19 cases for the first time on Saturday. While there is a lot of pressure on the country’s healthcare, Siddharth believes that “our medical establishment has not collapsed.” It is overwhelmed. However, in the absence of actual governance, it will collapse in the near future. He expressed his gratitude to all, who are contributing to this fight against the epidemic, as he wrote, “sending love and support to every single hero who helped in the fight.” Thank you for your service. “

Siddharth said that “there is no official GOI COVID war room to tabulate resources and requirements at the national level” and suggested, “The Center and the States clearly need it and clearly communicate what is available To use all technology and resources. “

Emphasizing the importance of vaccination, the actor shared, “Read that there is likely to be an anti-viral COVID pill by the end of the year (Pfizer).” This is great. We need to be vaccinated asap. But, he also asked where the vaccines are, as he said, “However, if there are no vaccines, then there is no point in talking about getting the vaccines.” But where are the vaccines? Vaccine Ana Da Dei? “

Siddharth also requested people not to increase crowds at the vaccination centers. He wrote on Twitter, “Please avoid overcrowding in vaccine centers. Protect yourself and those around you. Register for the vaccine, and I hope and pray and you should demand to get it soon. The faster this government is vaccinating us, the safer we are. spread the word. God be with us all. “

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