Shweta Pandit is confused by the viral ‘Shweta memes’: ‘Why am I trending worldwide?’

‘Shweta mem’ is going viral on the internet. And now singer Shweta Pandit has contributed to this trend in her own unique style.

It all began after 111 participants unconsciously opened up some intimate details about a boy named Shweta during a zoom call.

Shweta wrote on Twitter on Thursday, “Meanwhile me: I don’t know why I’m trending #Shweta #Pandit around the world.” One user commented, “Find your name on YouTube.” Another Twitter user wrote, “A girl named Shweta misjudged her friend’s sex life named Pandit in a zoom meeting and 111 contestants were asking her to turn off the mic.” Another comment read, “U not, ur name is trending.”

After capturing the comments on the trend post, the singer took to the social media platform and posted a video of one of her performances. The post caption reads, “And since trending .. Best listen to my music headphones (headphones laglow) #shwetayourmicison.”

In the leaked video, Shweta’s fellow comrades can be heard asking to turn off the mic, but Shweta could not understand the seriousness of the situation at the time and continued to talk to her friend about the boy’s personal life . Naturally, the whole thing quickly escalated after the video made its presence on the social media platform. Umpteen memes started flooding the Internet. It is still not known how the clip was leaked at first, but looking at the memes, it is clearly giving all whites a hard time.

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