Shooter McGavin Claps Back at Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore for the 25th Anniversary

Christopher McDonald reprized the role of shooter McGavin to re-air his Happy Gilmore feud with Adam Sandler on the film’s 25th anniversary. In honor of a quarter-century-old classic comedy, Sandler stepped onto social media to post a video of himself testing his gold styles. Driving a ball in a way that would have thrilled his character, Sandler proved that he was still speaking in front of the camera, “You’re Dead, Shooter.”

After watching the video, McDonald will not let his film rival show him. Jumping to Twitter account created for shooter McGavin, McDonald posted Khushi Gilmore Her own video. While remaining in character as a shooter, “former # 1 golfer in the world” shows that he still holds it in a cup on the floor with the perfect put of a golf ball. The footage is simultaneously hilarious and amazing, and you can watch it below for yourself.

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“Nice drive, Gilmore. 25 years, huh? Let’s see if this is a shooter attack. Check it out.” Christopher McDonald The video states that he sets the ball and puts it in the cup. He then says, “Money! The shooter is still found. Thanks to all the fans, and thank you.” Adam Sandler

Referencing a scene from the film, the shooter says: “And why don’t you meet me on the 9th, the ninth green in Gilmore? Little secrets of the pros, okay? And, Gilmore, wear something nice. 25th anniversary, Kid! Shooter out. “

Fans of the film will surely remember when shooter McGavin sent Happy Gilmore to the ninth green, wearing a nice suit for only 9, to leave a soaked mess. The action was one of many that made the shooter such a great villain that fans loved to hate him. Combined with the film’s many other amusing quotes and moments, McDonald’s on Shooter has certainly made the character one of the most memorable film villains.

Directed by Dennis Dugan, Khushi Gilmore Released in 1996. With Sandler and McDonald, the film starred Sandler Hubby halloween Julie Bowen, co-starring as Virginia Vent, Love of Happy. In the film, Carl Withs starred as Happy’s mentor Chubbs Peterson, Frances Bay as Grandma Gilmore, Ben Stiller as the abusive nursing home manager, and The Price is Right as Bob Barker himself.

25 years later Khushi Gilmore Released}, has gone on to take other memorable roles in films like McDonald’s Requiem for a Dream, Dirty work, And Iron giant. More recently, he appeared in the Netflix film we can be Heroes And has recurring roles in TV shows like Bowlers, Good wife, And The real ground of Simi Valley. He has certainly done a lot, but it’s nice to see McDonald in one of his most iconic roles.

If you want to see McDonald’s performance as the shooter McGavin for the 25th anniversary Khushi Gilmore, You can find film streaming on HBO Max. We get this news Shooter McGwin on Twitter.

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