Shefali Jariwala on her divorce: ‘Not every violence is physical, there is a lot of mental violence too’

Bigg Boss 13 fame Shefali Jariwala opened up about her first marriage, in a recent interview, and had to go through turmoil while filing for divorce. The actor, who rose to fame with the music video Kanta Laga, was married to music composer Harmeet Singh. The two divorced in 2009 after five years of marriage. Shefali is currently in a happy place, married to actor Parag Tyagi in 2014.

While filing an application for divorce, Shefali accused Harmeet of domestic violence. Opening up to the same, the actor clarified that ‘all forms of violence are physical’ and had to endure a lot of mental anguish.

“It is very important to understand that you are not appreciated. Not all types of violence are physical. There is also a lot of mental violence and you are very unhappy in your life.

Noting that there is still a prohibition surrounding the divorce, the actor shared that she can decide for herself as well as being independent. “I think, there is a reason I could decide for myself, because I was independent. I was making my own money. The biggest fear we have in our country is the society. Divorce is considered taboo But the way I’ve been raised doesn’t really care about society, but we do as we feel. I could have taken such steps in my life and had strong support. “Shefali Further mentioned that women need to understand that if they are in a happy marriage, and if not, there are people who can help them come out of it. ”

Shefali Jariwala found love again in Parag Tyagi and the pair met through a common friend who felt they were perfect for each other. Saying that they are very similar and different in many ways.

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