Sharks swimming at sunset help American win the Underwater Photographer of the Year award

Sharks swimming at sunset help American win the Underwater Photographer of the Year award

Renee Capozzola of California devoted several evenings to photographing the seals in the shallows away from the small island of Moorea, ultimately landing this winning sunset shot.

Renee Capozola / UPY 2021

American Renee Capozzola became the first woman to win the Underwater Photographer of the Year award earlier this month for her image of reef shark, while seabirds popped up from Moria’s island in a quiet corner of the Pacific Ocean Grow.

“French Polynesia strongly protects its sharks, this is my favorite place to photograph them,” Capozzola said in a statement. “I devoted many evenings to being photographed in the shallows at sunset, and I was finally rewarded with this scene: glass-calm waters, a rich sunset, sharks and even birds.”

Her work was praised by Judge Alexander Mustard of the competition for the London-based prize.

“This is a picture of hope, a glimpse of how the sea can be when we are endowed with magnificent life both below and above the surface.” “The photographer not only continued this grim scene until Renee had the talent to capture this exact moment. The gorgeous light is sympathetic, but the picture is taken care of by the beauty of the composition, fleeting by sharks, sunsets and seabirds. Has been converted from. “

The competition is particularly valuable this year, he said, given the pressure and mourning of the coronovirus epidemic.

“Seeing this year’s competition was a pleasure, a much-needed escape into the underwater world,” Mustard said. “I hope everyone enjoys immersing themselves in these magnificent images.”

The competition added a new category, My Backyard, “to show that underwater photography can still be successful when many photographers are forced to stay close to home.”

Other winning images show sea creatures and ships from around the world. A wide-angle photograph taken in Palau shows a lake filled with millions of jellyfish. In another image, a male crab rescues his companion from a shipwreck off the coast of England. And the picture of a lone small fish entangled inside an abandoned yellow plastic net reminds viewers of the importance of caring for the seas. Flip through 28 top images from the competition in our gallery.

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