Sharkboy and Lavagirl Return in New Look at Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes

it’s official. Sharkboy and LoveGirl are back in Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming Netflix film we can be Heroes. The story is set in the same universe as Rodriguez’s beloved 2005 film The Adventures of Sharkboy and LoveGirl. And now, fans have their first look at the characters, who have all grown up and parents to their daughter Guppy. The young girl has the powers of both her parents, which gives her an amazing skill. You can see an image of Guppy engaging in some action in the new images. From we can be Heroes.

Actress Taylor Dooley is back as Lavagiral, but Taylor Lautner did not return to portray Sharkboy we can be Heroes. He has been replaced by actor JJ Dasnaw. Dooley can be seen in the first-look Netflix in an iconic lavagiral suit. Sharkboys look similar, though Dassnav has worn a different kind of mask, which was more than likely distracted by the fact that Taylor Lautner is not included.


JJ Dashnav had previously acted Spy Kids Movies, so he has a history with Robert Rodrigues. As in Why Taylor Lautner is not back as Sharkboy we can be Heroes, He is a mystery at the moment. That being said, with fans of Twilight The actor is quite angry and confused as to why he did not reprise his Sharkboy role and is expecting an answer soon. After his experience Lautner remained largely out of the public eye. Twilight, Though his fans wanted him to come out and play a few more roles, especially if he makes a comeback in Robert Rodrigues as Sharkob we can be Heroes.

we can be Heroes The heroine follows a team of superheroes who must be rescued by their super-powered children after being kidnapped. Referring to the public health crisis, recently, Robert Rodriguez said in The 3D Storyline, The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Robert Rodriguez, “A lot of families have spent a lot of time together.” “I’m getting calls from all kinds of studios: ‘Reboot Spy Kids. ” Reboot shark Boy. ‘Of course they want to. They are all sitting at home with their children. “This is the next best thing.” Fans of the 2005 film seem to agree with the director.

In addition to Taylor Dole and JJ Dasnav, we can be Heroes Yaya Goslin, Pedro Pascal, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Golden Globe winner Christian Slater, Boyd Holbrook, Christopher Macdonald and Oscar nominee Adriana Barraza also starred. Vivian Blair, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Akira Akbar, Leon Daniels, Nathan Blair, Lotus Blossom, Halla Finale, Andy Walken, Dylan Henry Lau, Andrew Diaz, Sung Kang, Haley Reinhart, Brittany Perry-Russell and Brentley Hellebron also star. You can check out the first images of Lavagirl and Sharkboy’s return above, thanks Official Netflix Twitter Accounting. we can be Heroes Will premiere on January 1, 2021, exclusively on Netflix.

We can be heroes shark photo
We can be heroes lovegirl photo
We Can Be Heroes Sharkboy and LoveGirl Photo

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