Shakuntala Devi movie release: Highlights

Shakuntala Devi movie release: Highlights

Jishu Sengupta, who plays Paritosh Banerjee in Shakuntala Devi, spoke to about the titular character and said, “This is a fascinating journey for this woman. We don’t know how she was. We don’t know what her relationship is.” What is it. With her husband and daughter. When you watch the film, you will know why I am saying this. People are going to know the human side of Shakuntala Devi. “He said,” He is ahead of his time. Was a woman. She can be courageous, brave, and everything a woman. It was interesting. Then the way they have played their relationships. People should know about them. People, who are maths, should know What she was. Also, working with Vidya was on my mind. I am a big fan of Vidya so it was a big opportunity for me to work with her. “

“In Paritosh Banerjee’s case, we didn’t see him. He was a plus for me because I could do whatever I wanted to do with the character. Everything else I got to know from Anu and Vidya as they were Anupama, daughter of Shakuntala Devi. I met you. ” Banerjee in London. He came to know about the gratification. Anu talked to me about them. So, I learned about his style and added my own things to it, “he explained about his character.

Director Anu Menon shared with, “Apart from the fact that she was an amazing talent who lived an extraordinary life, the way she lived her life is a big lesson for us in today’s time. She was a woman who despite achieving so much. Many, accepted the fact that she was not perfect. She lived life to the fullest, on her own terms, embracing life’s successes and failures.

He said, “Whatever I loved about Shakuntala Devi’s story, she was not afraid to fail. She had a good and not so good presence in Shakuntala so much that you love her by her talent. Can’t love her. You have. Everything she did to love Shakuntala was right or wrong. So, I think that’s the kind of attitude we should see. For many biopics in the past because it’s Just did not find the truth. “

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