Serena Williams’ Daughter Thinks She’s “a Monster” in Met Gala Glam

The style hero of Serena Williams is…

Take control of your mother!

Serena Williams‘ Daughter Olympia Ohanian She won’t let her great mom get too arrogant, especially during Serena’s 2021 Met Gala glam prep. In an adorable Instagram Stories video posted on Monday, September 13, four-year-old Olympia tells mom Serena she’s unrecognizable in a face mask. “You look like a monster,” Olympia calmly says as Serena films.

“Do I look like a monster?” She asks which Olympia nods, “Yeah.”

“You think that’s a good thing to say?” Serena Jokes. “But you can say that because I don’t mind. You tell your truth, okay?”

Olympia wears a tiara, pink bow and a statement necklace for her fashionable Met Gala-friendly accessories. Also, Serena can’t help but laugh at Olympia’s comment in the next video when the tot is out of sight. “She can’t call me a monster anymore,” quips as she puts on a red carpet-ready Serena eyeshadow. “Looks like the mask worked!”

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