Sequoia’s Shaun Maguire and Vise’s Samir Vasavada will talk success in fintech on Extra Crunch Live – ClearTips

Sequoia’s Shaun Maguire and Vise’s Samir Vasavada will talk success in fintech on Extra Crunch Live – TechCrunch

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard Fifth Wall’s Brendan Wallace and Hippo’s Asaf Wand discuss the biggest opportunities for prop tech, having heard that Alex Wang of Scale AI and Dan Levine of Excel think the unconventional VC deal May be the best option and took a walk. A deck through CEO Poshmark Series with CEO Manish Chandra and Mayfield’s Naveen Chadha.

It is a special taste of content, rich in key insights and strategic advice for the founders, which goes down on Extra Crunch Live.

In an upcoming episode on Wednesday, May 19, we will be seated alongside Sean Maguire of Sekoya and Sameer Vasavada, CEO and Co-founder of Weise.

Maguire, the enterprise for Sequoia, focuses on fintech and frontier technology. His portfolio companies include AMP Robotics, Noid, Fizna and Weisz. He joined Sequia in 2019, before which he was a partner at GV, where he led investments in Stripe, Opendoor, Ionone, Spinlaunch, Lambda School, Dandelion Energy, Clutter & Mode and increased the firm’s investments in the segment .

Maguire has also been an entrepreneur in his own right, co-founder Expensee (a cyber security company), which was eventually acquired by Palo Alto Networks for more than $ 800 million.

If that wasn’t enough, Maguire also spent two years working at DARPA, and was stationed in Afghanistan, participating in a team that earned a joint meritorious unit award from the US Secretary of Defense.

Sameer Vasavada co-founded Vise in 2016. Vise is an AI-powered investment management platform aimed at giving independent financial advisors to the technology and access to their clients to build and manage personal portfolios, which ultimately gives those advisors more time and energy to spend is. On relationships.

Vise has raised $ 60 million.

We’ll talk about Maguire and Vasavada about what has brought them together, key tips on fundraising and how they can be successful in the Fintech space, and ask about the next great opportunity at Fintech.

In the second part of this episode, Maguire and Vasavada put their feedback on the caps and heard live elevator pitches from the audience as part of the ECL pitch-off. Those attending the event can raise their hands and connect their startup with a pair of VC / Founders, and then answer their questions and get their feedback.

But the way you can pitch is the only way. This episode of Extra Crunch Live airs on Wednesday May 19 at 3 PM ET / 12 PM PT. Anyone can be present as long as they register here, but on-demand access to the content is strictly reserved for Extra Crunch members who have, in addition to many, many other awesome articles and perks, Extra Crunch There is access to the entire library of live content.

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