Seinne Fleming Speaks Out on The Bachelor’s Diversity Issue

Sean Fleming, iHeartRadio Music Award

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Sean fleming Speaking about BachelorDiversity is the issue.

Fleming, a 22nd season contestant Bachelor, Talked to E! Particularly why she believes on the news that the franchise is “isolating” viewers due to the lack of diversity seen on screen.

Shared with reality TV personality E! She was drawn to the news when she “finally cast a black bachelorette” when she was not a “huge fan” of the franchise before appearing on the hit show.

Referenced Rachel LindsayThe Bachelorette’s history making season, Fleming explained, “That was one of the main reasons I ended up auditioning for the show because I thought, ‘Well, well they’re changing things like that, Which is making things happen. A little more inclusive. I quickly learned it wasn’t. “

Fleming told E! Lindsay is going to the news Bachelorette “Not necessarily a temporary one because she was eligible to be and she was a great bachelor’s” rather, it was a “temporary” one that the franchise did not continue to follow the “pattern” of diversity.

Since Lindsey, The bachelor Did not cast as a black woman or a woman of color as her lead.

“Even during my time on the show,” Fleming told E! News, “I was the only woman of color in the top 10 so in many ways it feels like you fill a slot … I really don’t watch [the show anymore] Because I don’t think it’s very inclusive. “

“As we all know, there’s never been a black bachelor and I don’t think it’s really representative of dating like today,” she continued.

Fleming said that “by not having more Asian or Hispanics or Black people than not having more diverse artists, you are isolating a part of the country that is interested in the show if they feel over-represented.”

“You can just see by Instagram artists, if you’re a Black cast member, if you’re a white artist, you have very few Instagram followers,” she told E! news. “It’s because of the audience and the people who are watching.”

On June 7, former graduate nation star Catherine Giudici The issue of diversity also reflected during his time on the show.

The former contestant wrote on Instagram to share her thoughts, “I was overjoyed when I was originally cast but to some extent by the fact that I was one of those faces of people of color. Represented. I knew one of them. The reason I was probably chosen was because I was a Filipino […] I thought I was just checking a box there. “

“But I ended up with too much. I became present with the process and as he started informing me of who I really was, I took this experience to the possibility of loving myself fully. And appreciate me for all. ” ,” she added.

On Monday, a new petition, signed and promoted by several members of Bachelor Nation, is calling for more people from Rangkarma and more equality in the franchise – beginning with Season 25’s leadership.

Cast members of the franchise have shared a petition on their respective social media accounts, including Fleming, Lindsey, Tyler Cameron, Ashley spivey, Nick viol, Dustin Kendrick, Bibiana Julian, Jubilee Sharp, Olivia Caridi, Oneka ehi, Alayah Benewicz, Lacey Mark, Marcus Grodd, Lauren Burnham, Mycena Dorn, And Markal martin.

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