See the Never Have I Ever Cast React to Their PCAs Nomination

When we say we ain’t playing a game never have I ever The cast had the most adorable reactions to their 2021 People’s Choice Awards nominations.

Netflix’s coming-of-age series took home one of the biggest categories of the year, The Comedy Show of 2021, and a spot in Lead Actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan She was so excited whether she stole the dog or not.

Yes that’s right. In the clip above, she has Genie, the dog in question, after giving the nomination news, Maitreyi reveals “It’s not even my dog.”

“It’s my best friend’s dog,” she explains. “I kidnapped my best friend’s dog to convince people that we were nominated never have I ever Best Comedy TV Show. What?!”

The adventure does not end here. never have I ever‘s Ramona Young And Lee Rodriguez Share your reactions to the PCA nominee too!

“Lee, good news!” Ramona screams. “Tell people what’s going on.”

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