See the First Pics From the Live-Action Powerpuff Girls

Girls just want to have fun … and kick!

Just two months ago, The CW announced that a new live-action Powerpuff Girls The pilot was leading the network. And now, fans of the sweet and playful superheroes can finally see for the first time in the series.

On Wednesday 7 April, the trio led-Chloe Bennett, Pigeon Cameroon, And Yana PerraultHe was in full action mode, as he was filmed pilot episodes in Atlanta, Ga. Once upon a time, Chloe flew into the air as her co-star ran after her.

Of course, really Powerpuff Girls Fashionably, the three actresses separated their respective characters, as they donned widely vibrant dresses in pink, blue and green. Additionally, they each arrived with matching black belts and knee-high socks.

As previously announced, Chloe will play the role of Blossom, starring as Dove Bubbles and Yana Buttercup.

Without this, Scrubs Star Donald jail, Who plays the role of the girl’s producer and father, Professor Eutonium, was on the set. He also appeared in his full costume, as well as donating a pink-collar shirt, navy blue slacks and a gray blower.

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