See Southern Charm’s Shep & Leva Clash Over Kathryn Controversy

See Southern Charm's Shep & Leva Clash Over Kathryn Controversy

Catherine Dennis‘Social media controversy still remains the subject of controversy Southern attractions branch.

The incident that saw Catherine sending a monkey emoji to a black woman during a hot media media exchange occurred in May 2020, and has since apologized, currently out of everything during season seven of the Bravo show is playing. Last week, fans watched Leva Bonaparte And Austen Krol Get into a screaming match on the matter, and peek into this special sneak peek of tonight’s all-new Southern attractions, Leena has a new adversary: Shape rose.

The clip begins with Shape, part of a two-part season finale, stating that he is throwing a party, and because he may be in the presence of “Mr. Everybody Everybody’s Person,” Catherine.

“I really don’t have a problem with Katherine,” Lina replies. “Yes, I flipped over the boat, but that was because I don’t like Ostain putting his nose in everything that has nothing to do with it. My point with Katherine was that she Said online and my only disappointment was on Capers. I felt the boys were coding him. “

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