Secrets of the Mogwai Gets Early Season 2 Renewal at HBO Max

Just one day after announcing the voice cast for the animated series Gremlins: Secrets of Mogavi, HBO Max has already renewed for season 2 Gremlins The prequel is getting a second season that arrives before the premiere of season 1, which still does not have an official release date. Clearly believing in the opportunities for the show to succeed, Dreamer announced teh renewal during WarnerMedia’s Kids & Family presentation at the TCA Virtual Press Tour.

Gremlins: Secrets of Mogavi Set in the 1920s, featuring the voice of Izak Wang as Sam Wing – an elderly shopkeeper featured in the beginning of the 1984 film. The animated series tells the story of Sam that the two meet Gizmo, forming a lifelong bond. AJ Locacio is voicing Gizmo, previously played by Howie Mandal in live-action films.

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The cast also includes BD Wong (Jurassic Park) And Ming-na Wen ()Mandalorian) With James Hong as Sam’s parent (Big trouble in Little China) Also acted as Grandpa Wing. Meanwhile, Gabriel will provide the voice of Green Ale, a young thief who partners with Gizmo and Sam. A logline for the series states that the cartoon follows the trio on their quest to bring Gizmo back to his family and uncover a mythical treasure chased by a power-hungry industrialist and a growing army of evil Gremlins. is.

Matthew Rice (American) Controversially Riley Green, the primary villain and “power-hungry industrialist”. He is described as a hunter searching for black money, determined to stop the discovery of Gizmo and nothing in Mogway’s legendary treasure.

Tanz is chopping for show Gremlins: Secrets of Mogavi And will also serve as co-executive producer. Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television’s Darryl Frank and Justin Felway will work with Sam Regster following the executive team’s previous collaboration Animation. Brendan Hay will co-executive produce with Dan Kraal as an assistant producer. Amblin is producing in collaboration with Warner Bros. Animation.

In 1984, the first Gremlins The film was released in theaters by director Joe Dante and writer Chris Columbus. An instant classic, the film led to the 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: New Batch Dante is returning to direct the new story written by Charles S. Haas. Rumblings of a sequel have been floating throughout Hollywood for years, but the project has never made it out of development hell.

Gremlins The franchise has been growing in popularity again of late. More recently, Gizmo reunited with original film star Zach Galligan for the first time in three decades for Mountain Dew Commercial. If the advertisement means that we are closer than ever to get the third, the fans were very considerately entertaining this advertisement Gremlins The film is rumored to be in the works for years. While time will tell on that one, it’s good to know that we’ll get at least two seasons of the animated prequel series.

HBO Max has not yet set a release date Gremlins: Secrets of Mogavi, So it is unclear when the cartoon will appear on the streaming service. This news comes to us from Deadline.

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