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SpaceX is now in the business of flying people into space, and if all goes to plan, it will be the first to provide a trip for a crew made up of entirely private space tourists later this year. Now, we know who will join billionaire and founder of Shift4Payments Jason Isaacman on that trip – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital employee, and former patient Hayley Arcane.

Archanue had already been selected as one of the four members of Cruessen for missions aboard the SpaceX Dragon, which would include flying in unspecified orbit for the journey to take place in a few days upon launch. The billionaire said that he “already knew” what he took to represent St. Jude during a press call when it was originally announced earlier this year, but noted that he appeared to Was saving

Isaacman is on a month-long expedition around ‘Inspiration 4’, which he has named the flight. The remaining two seats will be awarded to the winners chosen from two different running competitions: one includes anyone in the pool who donates to St. Jude during a fundraising campaign associated with the launch, and the other entrepreneurs. To build an online store on Shift4’s newly launched e-commerce platform.

As reported by the AP, Arcanio is a bone cancer who joined St. Jude last year as a medical assistant. When she makes her way into the ensuing flight, she records several records and records, including becoming the youngest American in space at just 29 years old, and also entering space with an artificial space. Became the first woman to do it – she has prosthetic knees. At the age of 10, when she underwent bone cancer treatment at age 10, she had a rod in her thigh bone for St. Jude.

Isaacman is preparing the entire bill for the SpaceX launch – including the tax obligations of other winners selected for St. Jude seats on the mission. He has also committed to donating $ 100 million to the hospital from his own funds, in addition to whatever is raised through a public donation campaign will be used to select one of the other crew members.

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