Sea shanties are taking over TikTok. Here’s why

Sea shanties are taking over TikTok. Here's why


If Wellman does not arrive soon, they will run out of rum.

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If the sea is calling you, then these days it can be via Tiktok.

For all the dance challenges, lip syncing and sketching on a video-based social networking service, the latest trend of beach washing is singing sea shanti.

Since around the end of December, Tiktok has seen people in the video singing not only the sea shack, but, effectively, a cappella arrangement of tunes traditionally sung by the crew on merchant sailing ships, which multipart harmonies And is complete with resonant bass lines. . So far, the video tagged with #shanhanty has more than 69 million views, and is growing. on Tuesday, Google Trends tweeted “Sea huts” were discovered more than at any other time in the history of the platform.

It turns out that getting stuck on a sigh ship while running out of rum is a favorable mood for the first week of 2021.

At the center of the whirlpool is 26-year-old Nathan Evans, a postman from Glasgow outside Scotland, who crossed over 1 million views on 19 December in the 27th century New Zealand folklorist Wellerman, TeakTalk, and is among countless others . Tektok. The song tells the story of whalers waiting on a redeveloped ship.


The Wellerman. # Seaside # sea # shack # viral # singing # acoustic # pirate # new # original # fip # foryou # foryoupage # singer # scottishsinger # scottish

. Original Sound – NATHANEVANSS

“It was really wild. I don’t know what happened,” says Evans, who has been found mostly on the social platform as Nathan Evans.

Evans, who largely posts himself a Scottish folk song, pop cover and recent video showcasing his material, says he can hardly believe how much people like the beach . He had around 45,000 followers at Tickcock before in December and that number has shot over 347,000.

When was sea shanty invented?

The calm of the sea has come to an end on the 21st century social networking platform which is an unexpected development. According to the online history magazine Historic UK, sea shunts date back to at least the mid-1400s. Signing and keeping rhythm together will help the crew stay synchronized for tasks such as hoisted sails when all are needed to be pushed or pulled at the same time. Typically, there is a lead singer, or a peaceman, and the crew comes in the chorus.

As steam power eventually spread in later centuries, and there was less need for manual labor on ships, marine shunts began to die out, historians UK says. By the 20th century, they were almost forgotten.

What is a wellman?

While it’s apparently impossible to know who posted the first Marine Sean Ticktock and when, Evans posted a song called his debut (Johnny, Leave Her) in July. This saw his surprise 1 million times, and prompted him to request new followers and more. On 23 December, he posted the broken Scotsman in three videos. Although it was actually closed, it was Wellerman.

“Wellman may come soon, to bring us sugar and tea and rum. Someday when the tongue is’ done, we’ll take our leave and leave” is not a possibility.

There was already a love for Wellman. In late October user Jacob Dublin began drawing sketches using the song. His bio states that he is “Wellman’s C-EO.” Earlier in December, user Rysmiith uploaded their own version of Wellerman and created duet versions on TikTok (you can record your videos in split-screen with another), adding cohesion. Google Trends shows a small spike in Wellerman’s searches around then, but when Evans’ version hit, the search term flew to Google. He says things calmed down a few days, but another setback came when 19-year-old Luke Taylor added his shocking baritone to the mix.

Since then, people have added all kinds of harmony:


#Duet once again with @ the.bobbybass SHANTY time! Adding a lower middle cohesion 🙂 @nathanevanss @ _luke.the.voice_ @ apsloan01 # shantytok # wellman

. Original Sound – NATHANEVANSS



Wires were also added to @Anipeterson’s version as I received so many requests! @nathanevanss @ _luke.the.voice_ # fyp # samudraashti # wellman # viral #shield

M Original Sound – Miasanomusic

He has turned it into a club-ready remix:

@ thats.mindblowing

## with duets @ _luke.the.voice_ ## bass ## xyzbca ## xyzcba ## sewing ## foru ## foryou ## zip ## banger ## beach ## sea churning # gems

. Original Sound – NATHANEVANSS

And many people have been poking fun at the novelty of seafaring, of all things, becoming popular on an app that is often associated with youth:

@ moose_0

If it’s not about the salty air and you had to leave the shelter for a lover, I don’t know. ## fyp ## foryoupage ## beach ## shantyseason

♬ Original Sound – Justin Musu

It is difficult to say exactly why this happened. This can be a bizarre factor, or an appeal to talented people to see cool things. Or perhaps, as some studies have suggested, choral singing may have a positive effect on people’s sense of well-being. Maybe after a year of peak stress and upheaval, rich cohesion and 4/4 beats provide some kind of balm.

“To me, it’s quite therapeutic because it’s just a vocal and a bass drum, and people keep pace,” says Evans. “It’s enough people together.”

Whatever the reason, sea gusts keep spreading. The popular vlogger Hank Green recorded a duet that explained what Vallerman is and what the song actually means “when the tongue is worked” (buttering up the whale for meat). Another user named Hunter Evansson is replacing songs such as Pop by Cardi B, which features Megan Thee Stallion in peace.

Evans, for his part, followed Wellman to the tune of the 1800s, called the Drunken Sailor (discovering what might happen on a drunken sailor, like dawn, shaving his belly with a razor razor ), And store him more Chanties, mostly attracted by the requests he is getting at TickTock. He is seen recording a short EP and putting the music on stage bandcamp.

Until then, TikTokers will have to supply rations and wait for Wellman.

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