Scream Queens Jamie Lee Curtis & Neve Campbell Reflect on Their Reign as Horror Royalty

Shout Jamie Lee Curtis And Nive Campbell united for a video chat hosted by Variety this week, and it’s truly an amazing watch for any longtime horror fan. Curtis is certainly very well known to fans of the genre for acting in many installments as Laurie Strode Halloween Franchise. Meanwhile, Campbell has survived four the Scream Her lead roles as Sydney Prescott, as Curtis became as iconic as a scream queen.

In a variety of videos, which are longer than 23 minutes, the two genre stars speak about the horror genre. They see the first horror films they’ve seen, the words “Scream Queen,” The craft, And the first horror film Neve campbell Appeared at age 17. When Curtis asks, Campbell also reveals why she accepted the part of Sydney Prescott.

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“This is the first lead I was introduced to in a film. I auditioned for the lead in a film, and that’s what happened the Scream, “Campbell says, praising the screenplay by Kevin Williamson and that he is” lucky “to have such a good script to work with.

“Same here, of course,” Curtis replied, detailing how she wound up inside. Halloween. “I went to a TV series where I had a line like every other week. There was a script where every page was named ‘Laurie’, and that was exactly the same for me. One lead in a movie was crazy. . “

Campbell also said of his experience working on the first film, “I didn’t have to do a lot of preparation. The script was really good, and Wes Craven was a really good director. I was surrounded by a really great cast . A fun, long charismatic cast. “

“The truth of the matter is, I didn’t really make a lot of money from horror films,” Curtis also says, touching low-paid genre films with screams that were brought to him in the past. “Look, we’re actors, so we already make more money based on less work. It’s hard to ever say, ‘I didn’t make a lot of money.” Specify that for a teacher or nurse. But as a young actress, I did not. I did not own films. There was no profit participation. There was no end … there was no huge amount. “

The two famous scream queens also chat about many other topics, such as Craven and Halloween Director John Carpenter with comments on what’s coming next in their respective horror franchises. Campbell also revealed in the interview that he would remain at Scream 5 The whey will once again be covered in blood “once a week and a half” after Sydney Descott arrived in November.

We will see both Curtis and Campbell return to their famous horror roles in upcoming films. First, when Curtis will return as Laurie Strode Halloween kills Hits theaters in October 2021, although it was originally set to premiere this month. This time, Scream 5 Currently playing her classic role alongside Campbell, and the sequel is scheduled to be released in January 2022. You can check out the entire video chat with Curtis and Campbell on YouTube.

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