Scammers Are Posing as Keanu Reeves to Prey on Older Women

What would a person be looking for in a partner? A dreamboat with a heart of gold? What about the guy who makes the newspaper every other week for his kindness? What about the person who has been on the cover of magazines for every age group from Tiger Beat to GQ? What about the poor lonely one? Keanu Reeves? Will he do? you betcha!

It appears that a lonely and cash poor “Keanu Reeves” is looking for the love of his life online, and he has a type. He’s looking for a wealthy older woman to accompany him to Hollywood events, so if they can just pay $2000 for their own entrance fee, he’ll swing by and take them to LAX. What a boy!

The L.A. Times recently interviewed a woman named Molly Hermiston, whose poor aunt fell victim to a scandal, and she still believes she and Mr. Reeves are an object (Aunt won’t speak for the story. ) Hermiston’s aunt is in the midst of selling her home in Little Rock, Arkansas in order to relocate to Los Angeles to live with her. The Outstanding Adventure of Bill & Ted Star. Fake Reeves has sent her jewelry, including a necklace and some earrings, which she wears every day. Bogus Reeves also requested Auntie to send her $10,000, it is still not known whether she sent the funds.

To see how the scam worked, Hermiston set up his fake rich old lady account and began following Keanu fan pages and, “Very quickly, five different people said they were Keanu Reeves, Contacted me online,” she said. One of the cheaters Johnny Utah wanted to go on Google Hangouts, “Because of my profession and career, I want this to be a secret between you and me.” They then began asking “the kinds of questions that reveal a person’s assets and status, or which may come up as part of the bank’s security questions to confirm the identity of the customer.” It ended with the pseudonyo suggesting a bitcoin transaction. so romantic!

Look, we all get it. She is widely easy on the eyes. He loves animals. He is multi-talented. We are all waiting for Keanu to arrive and invite us. You don’t have to think that you don’t like Keanu, and that’s why he’s not giving you the buzz. All you may know is that he has been in a relationship for almost 3 years with artist Alexandra Grant, who illustrated his books ‘Ode to Happiness’ and ‘Shadow’ and co-founded the publishing company X Artists Books with her. You may know that the Keanu Reeves that the world has loved for decades won’t take it to DM. He can give you his seat on the subway. He can offer you a Wild Stalins song. He can jump on that speeding bus for you. He can even rob a bank for you. But, I promise, cross my heart, you’ll never need his PayPal handle. This comes from AVClub.Com

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