State Bank of India to Fill 12000+ Vacancies

The Chairman of the State Bank of India (SBI)- Mr. Dinesh Khara through a press conference declared that SBI is planning to hire freshers for posts of Probationary Officers (PO), Junior Associates (Clerk), and Specialist Officers (SO) in the financial year 2024 (FY25). Mr. Khara also mentioned that “SBI Recruitment 2024 will be released for more than 12,000 vacancies for Clerk, PO, and SO posts”. Khara stated that hiring freshers will help the banking system get some new exposure which will move toward other associate posts later. He made it clear that the majority of posts will be related to the tech sector where more preference will be given to engineers irrespective of bias in the recruitment process.

The State Bank of India came up with this idea of development when several SBI employees have been reduced since the financial year 2020. The number of declines has increased more from FY-2023 to FY-2024, which aims to be increased in FY-2025. SBI’s commitment to offer thorough training and chances for professional advancement in business and IT areas indicates a bright future for anyone wishing to work in banking.

State Bank of India to Fill 12000+ Vacancies

As mentioned above, the State Bank of India will be filling out more than 12000 vacancies of graduates where 85% will be engineer graduates. Mr. Dinesh Khara stated that ‘SBI is planning for this development as the banking industry is completely relying on technology. To be in sync with latest technological advancements, hiring candidates with good IT knowledge is preferable to general candidates. This move of SBI emphasizes the importance of technology in the banking sector for the upcoming financial year.

Key Points of Press Conference by Dinesh Khara

Here, below we have listed few key points that were mentioned during the press conference which was led by SBI’s chairman related to the upcoming State Bank of India Recruitment 2024.

  • After completing training over 8,000 associates, and 3,000 probationary officers will be placed in various business roles with a foundational understanding of banking.
  • Khara mentioned that SBI continuously receives guidance on latest technological aspects.
  • His words in a press conference made it clear that State Bank of India (SBI) is more focused on keeping every employee updated with latest technology that helps the bank to tackle large transactions more conveniently.


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